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Aunty J.
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Hey Guys!! This forum is an intellectual platform to exchange constructive ideas and not a score-settling arena. Why don't you guys exchange emails and do your berating there. Stay focused!!!!
AES SONEL aka Always Expect Shortages (AES) first improve upon your lousy services and reduce your cut-throat electricity bills before plunging thousand more of cameroonians into your inferno of misery!!!
Bali my foot!! Your hot temperedness, rashness and pride will be your undoing. Wait and see!!! INSHALLAH
I am not surprised that these guys are sanctionned. I followed the said edition of Cameroon Calling and the so-called CPDM bigwigs were ridiculed to the point of babbling. The dirty arse of the government was exposed since there was every indication that the computerisation process was a farce. What a price to pay for seeking the truth. Courage Brother! INSHALLAH!!!
Katakata, Those of us who passed through UB can assemble the jigsaw puzzle you are throwing at us. Boy spill the beans!!!. I too am of the opinion that these deaths are much more than a coincidence!! Motion!!
This is absolutely incredible? Where is the anglophone literary community heading to when the maestro's (the best in the country) in the likes of BB and Gwansen Gwanga'a are brutally sent to their early graves. The few people left to bring some sanity within the ranks of this chaotic system are ushered out of life in such an uncouthed manner!!! CRTV too will witness a serious setback with its already dwindling image. Where are we heading to!! GOD HELP US!!! INSHALLAH!!!
My Brothers!! Leave this COMET wahala and French assimilation in UB for a while!! There are more pressing things that need urgent redress at UB. UB has once again lost two academics!! The prolific writer Dr. Bate Besong and Dr. Hilarious Ambe!! Unconfirmed sources say other academic bigwigs involved in the accident are probably dead too. Is this normal. The evil wind has been blowing for too long over UB. The records should be set straight!!! INSHALLAH
Adieu Barrister. The debate club will never be the same. May the world beyond receive you will great honour.
Dear Ma'am NEO is just another toothless bull dog. You are just reiterating the fact that previous elections have always been rigged with impunity. Go sing those songs of sorrows to people of the 18th century if you can still find any alive. We are too smart for that kind of crap.
Arie Haan throwing in the towel comes as no surprise to anybody. What do we expect when two incompetent idiots dine together. Total chaos; and this is what its happening. Mr. Haan makes known his resignation but is now apparently very crossed that he has not received his flight ticket for the Cameroon / Togo friendly. Why should Fecafoot not sideline the Coach's Ivory Coast choice when they shamelessly sang over the media that they went for Togo because the match will be very cost effective for them since the Togolese would virtually bear the whole cost. What a bunch of confused and bird-brained idiots. What used to be the pride of all Cameroonians is becoming a nightmare and the saddest thing is that it the country's already tarnished image which is further soiled. Inshallah!!!!
Madam, Keep fighting and crushing the njangas and the mololos while the sharks and dolphins keep prancing happily like dogs released from their chains. What sultry degrees one even gets from State Universities !!!! Inshallah
Friens!! ELECAM is just another well-crafted Biya machinery to rig elections in this country. After maybe yielding to national and international pressure, he created ELECAM which is not at all an independent electoral body. Furthermore, this farce of a body comes into force only affter the next municipal and parliamentary elections. What is therefore the raison d'etre if this so-called independent body if it does not have a role at this crucial stage of elections? A body whose members are to be appointed by the head of state is not independent at all since the appointees must owe allegiance to their master. It is no news that officials in Cameroon deliberately invent their own figures and those who actually gave the right figures can only admire the impunity with which this boot-licking bought-overs lie. ELECAM is all a myth and cannot crack down on the rotten system already in place.
It is rather unfortunate that a Grammaire "Maestro" like Dr. Njiki should join his ancestors untimely. For those of us who were privileged to be his students, the wound is quite deep.It is an irreplacable loss. Adieu mon Prof. Que la terre de vos ancêtres soit légère à vous. God's wrath upon those who stiffled such an innocent man. Inshallah!!!
Too bad for Lambi who decided to play the quaking prostitute who was not man enough to continue a good fight he started definitely for the intoxicating sensation of clinging to power. Titanji was anxiously thanking L'Homme Lion this morning for bestowing confidence in him. This was part of Lambi's vocabulary sometime ago. Prof!!! Gird your loins. That seat is a hot potato. I always thought you were a genius. You disappointed us by accepting that position. It is tainted with the blood of innocent students! Beware!!!!! I worry and wonder!!!