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Joyce Phillip
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This was a great help. I will surely try it at home. I just Googled how to get your toddler to talk and this was the first search that came up-so Good Job!! My son just turned 2 in September and he still isn't talking. I think he understands things, he puts his clothes down the laundry shute when asked, and he knows who Thomas is, and a cup. But he doesn't say anything. He points. If he wants milk, he takes your hand, walks you into the kitchen, opens the fridge, and points to the milk. He does that a lot, takes your hand and shows you what he wants. I know kids can just kind of be "late-talkers" and that's fine. My biggest question/concern, do I have to run him to every doctor and speech therapist in the city? Or can I just work with him on my own, then at what point, should I consider involving a professional?
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Oct 3, 2013