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I learned a lot reading many of these posts, including background & history of which I was already aware as well as quite a bit more than I already knew of the volatile history of the Mid East (especially over the past 100 years, including the Balfour Agreement and the British Mandate and all that followed, based, in part, on the early pioneering work of the 19th and early 20th century Zionists). I was also reminded of the series of massacres and pogroms against the Jewish settlements throughout the Mid East during the early and middle years of the last century, contributing to the growth of the modern-day "Land of Milk & Honey." All of this leads me to support, more than ever, the so-called "settlements," which, in fact, are vibrant Israeli cities and communities, comprised of Israeli citizens and built on Israeli soil (as originally so designated by the colonial powers and then reinforced in more recent times as the only viable solution to Joranian/Arab agression. Sadly, it appears, that many of the checkpoints, recently dismantled, will need to be re-built and more restrictions on ARAB settlements & movements needed to ensure the security of both the State of Israel and its citizens. If the Arabs from both Fatah and Hamas do not really want peace with Israel, then, short of total expulsion (that would certainly bring down the fury of the world on Israel!), Israel will have to marginalize and restrict even further the growth of ARAB/"Palestinian" settlements - not the other way around! Everyone knows what hardships and squalor the Palis have REALLY experienced everywhere EXCEPT Israel! Obviously, as with every other country in the world currently experiencing a growing Muslim presence, Israel is in a long, protracted and generational war with and declared by Islam, and is in the crosshairs of Islamic jihad as long as Islam and its targeted victims draw breath.
Cheryl, my point exactly! I was confused, in fact, when I saw him standing there (I think the next day - not that same afternoon), alongside little Napoleon, in a white shirt and all that was barely visible underneath was a white undershirt - NO bandages, although her was supposed to have been stabbed several times in the neck & the shoulder!! What give, indeed?!? Of course, just as in the case with the Times Square bomber, the media jumps all over the story and is positively EAGER to predetermine that the culprit is a right-wing whackjob and/or a hate-spewing racist (to which, of course, I say, "It takes one to know one!!"). The only excuse I can find for little Bonaparte is that he has news & media networks around the globe - and especially in the Mid East in all those nice majority-muslim, sharia-compliant, oil-soaked countries along the Persian Gulf - so it stands to reason that he wants to keep his connections up & running & raking in those billions and diverting attention away from his Jewish surname.... That little pimple is BEYOND annoying! Someone get the hook and take his smug kisser off the stage and away from the microphones & television cameras - QUICK!!!
Classy jazzy lady!! Thanks, Pam, for scouting this out and reminding all of us how classy our jazz was before "hip hop" and "rap!" Too bad that I was still into Elvis, etc. (JUST before the "British invasion") in 1963 - and tone deaf to such great jazz....sigh... Well, thank God for CDs and YouTube!!
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I think many above have assembled some dazzling evidence - as well as that Fox news clip - that this is a bit more involved that a straight religious building project! Some of the players - the usual "suspects" - are natural allies and there does seem evidence of that infamous Saudi connection. Meantime, Mayor Bloombert himself has vital business interests throughout the Middle East and in quite a few Muslim countries and business circles there. It's not surprising that he would use his "bully pulpit" to expound on the virtues of Islam and the "need" for this Islamic Center-cum-mosque - it underscores and reinforces his ME ties. Taking an adversarial role in this particular project would NOT be good politics OUTSIDE his mayorial boundaries.
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I'm not quite sure how this works, but I did respond to your email. Again, I had nothing to do with Jason's remarks nor do I know how to "leave up" his message. I just responded viscerally to those awful comments - and, again, if my language was a little rough, I apologize; no offense was intended. Joy DB JOY DANIELS BROWER 520 E. Murray Canyon Dr., #114 Palm Springs, CA 92264 Tel: 760-327-4088 Fax: 760-327-2595
I don't quite understand? I merely reacted in horror at the awful comments that Jason posted! I am not aware how to disable or "leave up" someone else's message. And if some of my language was offensive, it was only a visceral reaction to Jason's shocking comments. I apologize for any offense given, but none intended.
OMG - get this sicko off this site!! Who's minding the store?!? Room Monitor, come here quick!! Some troll is writing blasphemy!! It made me sick to my stomach! All I can say in reply is, "Right back at ya, Jason! So, how does YOUR anus like that stuff? Pretty sweet, I'll bet.... Maybe you should just die of AIDS - NOW!!
In reply to Jane: (The "Reply" link wouldn't work - kept kicking me back to Aug. 18's comments!) My father always advised, "You can't argue with drunks or crazies," and I'm taking that advice re Janye, who sort of falls into the latter category. Actually, I think she's perfectly sane, it's just that she's been either totally brainwashed (the CAIR-influenced PR in this country has been pretty damn effective - a real Mad Ave organization!!) or she's just a lyin' shill for Islam - and, believe me, there are PLENTY of those out there parading as ordinary citizens, just looking to help people understand Islam more clearly and accurately. Sort of consciously or unconsciously practicing taq'ia (sp?) - the word in Arabic (and Muslim mindset) for lying to advance the cause of Islam (good) and opposed to lying for any other purpose (bad). The problem, Jayne, is that I've read and listened to several apostates from Islam - most have converted to Christianity, others have not and are just agnostic or even atheistic - particularly after their universally dreadful experience (as individuals) trapped in an Islamic society with all the restrictions and commands. (Most of my sources are people who have lived and been brought up in majority-Muslim countries; some are well known, others are not.) Both genders, depending on their "crime" against Islam, have suffered, but women seem to have suffered more - after all, in a shariah-compliant society, women are often 2nd-class citizens and have all sorts of restrictions placed on their movements and on their very rights as human beings and individuals (i.e., something that is antithetical to our Bill of Rights). Granted, most of my sources are very anti-Islam (for a variety of reasons), but also extremely well-read and well-versed on Islam - from both a scholarly and life-experience point of view. And with each episode, revelation, confession, story - you name it - I've learned more and more about this very contradictory "religion" - yes, a so-called "religion of peace," but not for long!! Mohammed didn't get very far in his prosetylizing by peaceful methods, so he turned to violence, force, wars and general mayhem (cruelty, torture, slavery, etc.) to subjugate thousands, then millions of people throughout Arabia & the Middle East - then, through his successors, well beyond. It is true that in their very earliest histories - LONG BEFORE the birth of Mohammed - both Jews & Christians had very violent histories (however, mostly as a matter of self-defence); but by the modern era, most of the bloody & violent past was no longer part of their way of life and, in fact, their religious leaders exhorted against it. Anyway, to think that the Monster Mosque will be a place of GENUINE coming together for HONEST dialogue among religious leaders is hard to accept. Those are fancy words - but they have only been used by Rauf & Kahn & others to sound "moderate;" in reality, if/when the thing is built, it will continue to be both a source of anger and a daily eyesore. That's a reality that EVERYONE needs to understand - and accept.
There's an interesting website called - and it's now dedicated to Tea Parties, Palin, Conservatism & Constitutionalism, etc., but not so long ago they were HUGE supporters of Hillary Clinton and the Dems (hence, "Hill"buzz). Anyway, about a year or so ago, totally fed up to here with the DNC for pushing their gal Hillary out of the way for Obowow, they broke ranks from the Dem base and started to like, then really support Palin - go figure!! The main thing was that they were disgusted with the way the Dem machine pushed Ozero and pulled all kinds of s**t; and now, they're rabidly anti-Radical Islam, etc. Many of them have done a 180, others are still Hillary supporters, others are still Dems - but, over all, they are scathing critics of the NObama Regime and they pull no punches!! Oh, I forgot to mention, this is a gay website - and these guys know how to write AND dish gossip, dirt, info and passion. Really a fascinating website - I go there for a "fix" from time to time and am rarely disappointed. But I mention them now, 'cause they're REALLY down on the "middle-finger" mosque!!
When I read that jerk "reporter" in the once-great (no longer!) Chi Tribune, I really got fed up to here with her role as "useful idiot" - and "shill" describes her to a "T"!! How little she knows about the REAL world of Islam!! Same with all the other jerks who treat Islam as some "pure" religion that's NOT represented by the Allah Akbars of this world. At what point on their path toward total conquest of the West/America will these apologists for Islam wake up and realize that they - and this country - have been screwed, brewed & tatooed?!? When the ChiTrib babe uses the phrase, "allegedly murdered by their Muslim fathers," I realized that she's in complete and total denial of the actual, forensic FACTS! The poor girls are dead and are now just ugly muzzie statistics!! Yesterday I happened to wander (unsuspecting) to a super libtard website discussing the Monster Victory Mosque and, no surprise, 90 percent of the commentaries were pro-mosque and super-anti-those who are protesting the mosque. I was appalled at the profound ignorance of all these mental midgets who cry out about Freedom of Religion and Protesters are Nazis, etc. - the usual - but nowhere among their postings and comments were ANY useful facts about the history of Islam or any quotes from its many "religious" books, papers, writings - i.e., the sort of back-up info and general exposes we read regularly on Spencer's and here on Pamela's amazing site. Even the insane Alex Jones, propounding all sorts of fantastical conspiracy theories at least quotes endlessly from (supposedly) reliable sources! (He recently REALLY got into it by posting Madsen's detailed history of how the entire Obama/Dunham Family were all CIA plants & stooges - and travelled the world working in various "cover" capacities to carry out their NWO/CIA marching orders!!)
Janye, just saw your most recent post. This campaign is NOT "similar to the Nazi persecution of the Jews!!" What utter nonsense! Rather, it is Radical Islam - and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem back in WW2 that joined forces with Hitler in ACTUALLY persecuting and participating in the extermination of tens? 100's? of thousands of Jews in Bosnia and elsewhere. And virulent anti-Semitism is a hallmark of Islam (take your own advice and read some of the Islamic documents - e.g., the Qu'ran...). Jews and Christians have absolutely no desire to see ANY people persecuted or ANY religion denied; rather, we are protesting loudly against OTHER religions (in this case, Islam) forcing us to pay obeisance to what we see as a Victory Mosque - a symbol of victory & domination - on our own soil where nearly 3K people were murdered by Islamistics shouting "Allah Akbar" from all four cockpits on that fateful day. I wonder if you can possibly understand....
Well, Janye, that's profound and highly original. OF COURSE, the First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, association, assembly and religion. As important, it also forbids the establishment of a state religion. This mosque issue at GZ is NOT a "freedom of religion" issue; the ROP (so-called) has a right to assemble and build a house of worship anywhere, as long a local restrictions and zoning laws are complied with, etc. No, this is a matter of community sensitivity and pain and deep concern; and if the proponents of this mosque were truly honest and desireable of the outreach and healing they profess to espouse, they would give that concern EVERY consideration and work with the community to put that community center-cum-mosque in a different location. In fact, they should consider expanding and renovating the mosque currently in the same general area (but not on the edge!) of Ground Zero). No, the purely political purpose of this Victory Mosque is to show to the world - and the Muslim world in particular - that victory was achieved on this site and that gradual domination of the "Great Satin" is on the distant horizon. Few TRUE believers would deny this - albeit in secret and NOT in public - not now at any rate. Imam Rauf has been saying one thing to the US media in English and quite a different thing - in Arabic - to his Muslim hosts and other important players in Indonesia and beyond. Iman Rauf and his wife, Daisy Con, are the LAST persons I would take at their word. They definitely have an agenda - as does the young "developer," El-Sharif Gamal (not quite sure if I have his name correct). It is quite possible that both Saudi Arabia - and prominent sources within - as well as Iran will be major sources of funding, if this moves along as projected, and the reasons for their providing such big sums has absolutely zero to do with outreach and EVERYTHING to do with geopolitics!
Obowow claims he prays daily - like, maybe, five times a day, facing East? I recently comunicated on Facebook with some friends (from years ago), who communicate with each other in their very pathetic echo chamber - they're all libtards and were very exercised about those who oppose the Monster Mosque and how the Constitution was not being respected, etc. ad nauseum; but the coup de grace was when one of them called the Tea Partiers "the American Taliban" - well, you get the picture. I suggested that just as the Greek Orthodox, for example, host annual "Greek Festivals" in many No. American communities, inviting EVERYONE from ALL - and even NO - faiths to eat baklava and then step inside the church and hear the priest explain the symbols, etc., the Muslims should also invite - in that much-ballyhooed gesture of "outreach" and "healing" - everyone into THEIR mosques and serve them bavkava and hummus, etc., and let the imam explain the various symbols. Of course, as was both stated and implied, NON-Muslims need not apply - they, the kafirs, wouldn't be invited in for such an occasion anyway!! And then I further challenged this circle of mental midgets to explain why the Greek Orthodox Church at GZ has run into every obstacle in the book, thus preventing it from going forward with a slight expansion and total renovation. The only response I got was, "We probably should ban all organized religions because they usually lead to organized crime!" I think that sentiment would be worthy of that pimple Beutler at Talking Points Memo.
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What a classic - what a triple threat: Satchmo, Lady Day and Johnny Green's "I Cover the Waterfront!" WOW & WOW again!! And then, in a bit of odd seredipity, after Satchmo, I clicked on theat ironic photo of Lady Day, eyes closed, mouth open, singing her heart out on the same number, but then, about a minute into that one, I clicked on PG's "and there is this" ("to break the heart"), and it was Lady Day again, this time a few years older, but still in good (if lower) voice - and I had the magic or Billie Holliday singing that great number almost in duet with herself, sort of "in rounds!" - same key, same cadence, only sometimes just a bit off each from the other, but following, almost in harmony, each phrase, then one finished, then the other was over - and a beautiful moment had passed. Of course, as I looked at each photo and heard her perfect interpretations, I couldn't help but also recall the pain and physical destruction that she endured - but not for long, she died too young.
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2010 on I Cover an Open Thread at Atlas Shrugs
WOW!! Some fantatic postings here today!! All I can wonder is why Scott, Paradox and others of that Islamophillic Leftist troll mentality even both showing up here on what I consider to be "sacred territory" - i.e., Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugs website!! "No Muzzies (or Muzzie sympathizers) allowed!" should be our mantra!! On the other hand, their ignorant and mendacious remarks keep one on one's toes and keep the arguments flowing. They also show that Pam's fans are infinitely more erudite and learned in the ways of Islam than even Islam's most slobbering fans!! As for the atheists who show up, if they're respectful, then their points of view are very welcome and stimulating (and force us believers to sharpen our mental tools and written arguments!); on the other hand, those who are blinded by hate for religions - ALL or even SOME religions - are totally disgusting and fall into the same unwelcome camp of the blind followers of Islam in all its conquistatorial "glories!" Actually, the ONE good thing that has emerged from this Monster Victory Mosque debate is that more and more Americans are learning about Islam and all its many perversions. If "knowledge is power," then we, as a nation, are becoming stronger and more determined to protect our way of life and basic freedoms with every passing day. (Enshallah!!)
Mackie, PLEASE fix the link - I'm dying (not literally, of course) to see Glick's latest little GEM (not "jem" = pig..LOL!). Pamela once connected this Monster Mosque project to the bin Laden (Construction/Developer) Family in Saudi Arabia - I still think that makes sense. As for this jerk-off Gamal the Waiter, I think it's obvious that some deep pockets are behind him, and that he and his brother (also, The Waiter) have been planted in the USA/NYC as part of the stealth jihad and were "groomed" for this front role they are now playing (but, with their pathetic twitters exposed, not playing it very smart). I had forgotten about the "Circle/Crescent of Embrace" memorial in PA - yes, indeed, Bob is right: Time to expose/discuss that embarassment! The more we know about Islam and the supremicist/jihadist component of that disgusting cult, the better off this country will be. Looks like a HUGE amount of rear-guard action is in order! Finally, I was privileged to be in the audience in LA last evening to hear that truly dynamic duo of Gelelr & Spencer (or should we switch billing to Spencer & Geller? Leave it up to their agents...), promoting their FAB new book and expounding for two hours on everything Islamic Supremicism! It was a terrific evening, a tremendous Q & A, and a highly-charged audience. I was thrilled when I was able to tell a very enthusiastic supporter of Horowitz & Spencer more about Pamela - and the new "fan" was very excited about the whole evening!
Many excellent - and certainly provocative! - posts here! I have to agree with the more bellicose responses, however, since we are at war - although, tragically, our government is determined not to win it (shades of Vietnam, that's for sure!). And in war, we cannot be deterred from total victory by such considerations as "collateral damage" and "civilian casualties." If we had fought WW2 - both in Europe and in the Pacific - as we're screwing around in Afghan, we'd have lost so many more American soliders I shudder to think what an even greater tragedy that would have been! We need to clear/clean out that country of ALL Taliban forces at ANY cost!! We need to fight with the tenacity and FEROCITY of warriors on the warpath and mad as hell, fighting to keep the Taliban at bay and totally defeated and, enshallah, demoralized! Actually, the ones we don't kill or don't escape to Pakistan, we capture, send to Gitmo and keep them there until they're very old men - too old to procreate and too old to fight! Finally, about that eternal and damned "trouble zone" (putting it mildly!), Waziristan. People live there = spo they have to be moved - by force, if necessary (a la the devision of India and Pakistan - a truly monumental and horrific event!) - and then we go in and "defoliate" the entire region - burn grounds, houses - the works, but save the people and their animals - but they'll still have to be permanently relocated, because Waziristan will no longer be habitable. This is a VERY harsh solution, but we are in a deadly battle and we must show incredible strength, purpose, anger and NO mercy!!
Many excellent quotes, articles and opinions cited above!! We can only learn more from such informative readings! And it's obvious that we can't know TOO MUCH about Islam - our most diabolique enemy facing us today and for the foreseeable future. THEY're in it for the long haul - so, too, then must we! Right now it appears that the Islamic Supremacists already have a beachhead in the USA (although most of the enclaves are not at all well known and certainly not open to the public!!). But we DEFINITELY need more extensive education on Islam's political cult-like way of life, as well as the religion.
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I feel honored and rather perky, in fact, to FINALLY be ahead of the curve as a long-time admirer of Pam Geller and Atlas Shrugs - just as the rest of the blogosphere is catching up to The Truth as presented - NON-STOP!! - to the world every day!! The woman is a moving target - she NEVER rests, but is checking everything out for more truth behind countless stories! As many above have said, however, the most important thing is that you are not only being heard by more & more people, you are gaining what is really so hard to achieve, even though some people work very hard trying: Namely, you have people's respect and attention - and that's SO important! And even more good news (for us Left Coast denizens): Pam & Robert will be in LA on Monday, and I'm all signed up to hear them speak, sell books and fight for the cause of Truth & Justice!! And if we can harness the energy in that room and do a really EFFECTIVE voodoo dance, that damn yucky mosque will never see the light of day!! (From our hearts, minds & lips/fingers to God's ears!!)
Oh, that's VERY good...... I'm beginning to sing Boris Karloff's old sendup about the scary guys he played over the years in "Monster Mash," only subbing "Mosque" for "Mash!!" It does have a certain ring to it... Besides, it ridicules the Victory/Monster/Insult Mosque - as well it should and as well as EVERYONE should until it's no longer an issue!! But back to Boris, I can just wee that sleazeball, "Imam" Rauf, prancing around to the tune of "Monster Mosque," can't you?
I think this is one of the most damning - and potentially damaging - sources of info and questions about the mysterious El Gamal brothers (the "developers of the proposed mosque site) of all! Indeed, where and how DID they come into so much ready cash with which to buy even one of the parcels of land after only such a short time in the USA? And with little other information or paper trail of any sort, trying to establish a public record for their "real estate" activities is a challenge at best! No, I think for sure more needs to be known about them and their as -yet unknown possible sources of funding! (Although it seems that currently Imam Rauf is all over the Middle East doing a little rundraising himself among his wealthier Arab Muslim buddies.) But the best news is the fact that the whole parcel is not only NOT owned by a single entity - including the wheeling-dealing El Gamal Bros., but it's not even one whole property at all, and is listed under two different owners, paying property taxes with two different assessment numbers; long may they NOT be considered as one! Apparently, according to Sharia Law, it's OK to dissemble and tell lies in the furtherance of promoting Allah and in defense of Allah and his edicts, etc., so this is one time whether they've been dishonest from the get-go or not, at least now the ugly duo of Rauf & Khan (wife Daisy) have a REAL challenge on their hands. Let's hope this latest information is a REAL set-back that will take AGES to resolve!!
I have been following this - but only/mainly through Atlas Shrugs (since the LSM have done their best to ignore the story and pretend that there was no Rifqa Bary) - and am absolutely thrilled with the good news that has just been announced. All I can think of is how happy, relieved and grateful little Rifqa must be at this time - and what a FABULOUS birthday present for her momentous (and how!) 18th birthday. Thanks be to God, Pamela and everyone's prayers for this beautiful outcome. (OK, thanks also to the Judge who handed down the pronouncement, and Rifqa's attorney who has given us palpitations in the past, but whose steadfast engagement in the case prevailed in the end. Hallelujah!!
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2010 on Judge Rules for Rifqa! at Atlas Shrugs
What an amazing discussion - Atlas Shrugs posters are THE BEST!! I have been following this latest episode in the Islamozation of America - the mega mosque project - with intent interest; in fact, have also been following the appalling rebirth of modern-day Islam since 9/11 - and I'm still learning new & horrible things about our deadly enemy - thanks to this post, Robert's Jihad.Watch, MEMRI, some pro-Israel sites and others. There is NO excuse for the American public to be so blind to the ugly Truth all around them vis-a-vis Islam and not-so-Stealth Jihad - EXCEPT that the MSM/LSM are doing the Devil's work in hiding so much of this evil and, indeed, our so-called "leaders" - the career politicians, the insufferable elites - are also in league with Satan, kowtowing to this evil religious & political cult/all-consuming and all-demanding way of life. Of course, the by-now infamous "interviewer" was just a shill for the propaganda machine that is RTV (something else of which I was not previously aware - UNTIL I read this enlightening article and all the great posts!). At some point mid-way through the interview, she ratcheted up her questions and her anxiety level - which Pamela, now somewhat of a veteran of these TV bimbo wars, was able to parry with great dexterity, keeping her cool - and commanding the facts - while Little Miss Nobody starting getting the Teresa Brewer-PSMSNBC vapors and was really flailing around like a rag-doll beached whale. (In fact, whenever I've seen the extremely annoying Ms. Brewer on the Keith Obermann/Rachel Maddow network, I'm reminded of a much younger Brewer whose started in TV news several years ago at the local NBC affiliate in Palm Springs (where I live). She was only slightly annoying then - but that was before she was elevated to network status. And this little trollop who couldn't wipe the elegant Mz Geller's lovely behind, looks & sounds like a junior Teresa Brewer... I was as impressed to learn about the "Russian al-Jazeera" and the interesting post that analyzed the m.o. of this propaganda machine as much as I was disgusted with that pathetic classroom discussion of all sorts of weirdo sex practices and how muzzies are supposed to clean up after themselves after any number of perversions (as if that would help...) - and then slaughter the pool animal whose "milk and meat" had been thus contaminated by the muzzies' "penetrating" influence and ultimate discharge (so much for muzzie "intelligence" in the world of biological science...). And finally, I got a few chuckles out of those cartoons that were posted - although it's hard to eck out much humor no matter how you poke, prod and ridicule a character as devoid of human interest as the "prevert" Mohammend! But I will enjoy using one poster's great little tag-line for Allah, "all puke upon him!"
Fascinating expose and even more fascinating posts! Thank you, good people of Pamgeller Land!! There certainly can be no doubt what is behind this Corboda Initiative and, in fact, the not-so-"stealth" Jihad in America!! But the bin Ladin family ties are equally fascinating, because even though the family in Saudi Arabia and Osama, the family's "black sheep," were supposed to have had an irredeemable rift, the irony of Osama "clearing out a space" on which his (estranged?) family, still in the construction business Big Time, could build a REALLY big project (the "space" being the Twin Towers, of course!) is mind-blowing, to say the least!! They couldn't make a credible movie based on these outlandish and disgusting truths!! Our duty as patriotic American citizens - and citizens who still feel empathy and compassion for both the victims and their survivors of that horrow on Sept. 11, 2001 - is straightforward and simple: We must fight Islam and Jihad with every ounce and breath of our being. There may be some who are quiet, peace-loving, neighbor-respecting Muslims here, but their religion and that of the truly evil could not be more polar opposites. The Islam with which we are at war (make no mistake about THAT!) is actually a political movement aiming at total world domination; and people everywhere who profess and are brought up in that faith are descendants of those who may have initially resisted, but eventually caved & converted at the point of a sword and the threat of death. Most of those who convert today do so because of marriage or a misgotten sense of finding a new "personal identity," etc. Probably many more others are attracted to Islam because it provides an opportunity to become a part of that very jihad with the West and the institutions WE value, but they do not.
This makes perfect - if disgusting - sense: How else to interpret that recent, relatively "jovial" meeting between Ozero and Cameron, just prior to Cameron's trip to Turkey and those nasty and exremeely ignorant remarks? Compared to NObama's treatment of former PM Brown (who, after all, was soon to be out of power, or so it was surmised when he visited The One in the early days's of the latter's presidency), Obummer's treatment of Cameron - new kid on the block and junior in leadership to the One He Has Been Waiting For - was positively friendly and wherein The One may have acted as some sort of mentor (some mentor! - watch out, David, your naivte is showing!). But at that very crucial meeting, Ozero wasted no time in laying down the Law According to Obama vis-a-vis Islam and majority-muslim countries, which certainly describes Turkey. Further, as Cameron is finding his way in the upper echelons of leadership & diplomacy, he is being groomed (and has probably already had his first pre-10 Downing Street sit-downs with certain shadowy figures) for his own place at the table of the New World Order. So, his gratuitous remarks about Israel, Gaza and the Turkish Terrorist "flotilla" were pre-planned as his opening salvo, although Geller points out that, "through highly-placed" sources in the UK, this was NOT the doing or initiative of the (British) Home Offce; and, indeed, they (the HO) "were" (professed?) "shock" at those remarks uttered by Cameron - thus possibly pointing to Obama, in lieu of any other credible source. Don't know about that for sure, of course, but Cameron's Conservative bona fides are shaky at best. Let's just say that he's no Margaret Thatcher, let alone Winston Churchill, who, given his (Churchill's) total distrust of Islam, is probably spinning in his grave!