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Jen - we started FPU a few weeks ago! I LOVE it! The budgeting software they have online has completely changed how we do things. I've always hated our budgets because they never work I feel like we have a lot more money (which we don't) because of how we have set up our budget. We just started working with the kids (ages 6 and 8) last Sunday - spend, save and give envelopes. We're doing it a little different - gave them each 5 chores a day (feeding dog, putting away silverware, making bed, cleaning room, clothes in hamper) - they each get .20 a chore or up to $1 a day. So far, it's working GREAT! No more arguing about whose turn it is to feed the dog or about making beds...they are doing it! I'm not sure how to explain to them what 10% is for their giving envelope...any ideas?
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Happy Birthday Joanne! Thank you for all you do to teach us how to be better wives, mothers and daughters in Christ. You are LOVED and APPRECIATED!! Have a wonderful birthday.
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Mar 15, 2011