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One thing you have not factored in is how many drivers stay away from buses do to nausea. Buses run on gas and release carbon monoxide fumes. For many, myself included, this severely limits where I am willing to sit on a bus. Towards the front only. Many people find that riding in the front of a car or bus alleviates this. However streetcars run on electricity and so the same people who would not get out of their cars to ride a bus will for a streetcar. I am not willing to wait through two or three buses to get a front seat. Streetcars, I don't care where I get on. For many, as you said "it attracts more riders" why - well in part a streetcar is not going to make us ill!
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2014 on streetcars: an inconvenient truth at Human Transit
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Feb 18, 2014