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I would like to meet anyone who won't tell me what they superficially like or dislike. Let's go DEEP. I like to know people, but it is not enough to know that you switched to a new moisturizer. It is not enough to know whether you prefer coke or pepsi. I will smell your armpit if that is what it takes to get the funk out of you. Don't make me do it. Was that one line?
Interests: THE HUMAN CONDITION. I love camping with friends. I love trips to Vegas. Give me eastern religion. Give me a cause. I dislike anything that seems phony, I am a regular Holden Caulfield sometimes. Music: DMB to some degree. Maroon 5. The Shins. Eliot Smith (In controlled doses, I want to stay up...) I juice up on hip-hop to blow off steam in the gym. Movies: Arty movies, I am tired of the same old hero driven CRAP. Gimme my American Splendor. Give me capturing the Friedmans. GIVE ME NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Television: Right now, I have basic cable, and I am paying 13 a month just to watch LOST. Other than that, my TV stays OFF. I don't watch the news. Big fan of the Simpsons, best written show on TV. Books: Confederacy of Dunces, The Inventive Writer, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Dialogues of Socrates (That's my mans an dem), Running With Scissors (Craziest Memoir Ever) Heroes: Nappy D, The Writers of Good Will Hunting, Gandhi, the guy that installed my water heater...
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Mar 15, 2010