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Please!!!!! This is the man that will finally take Maurice Edu off this team permanently. I hope.
Klinsmann needs more creativity in Midfield. Torres is out, Donovan and Dempsey are playing further up the field... WHERE IS BENNY FEILHABER???? Maurice Edu is not a good player, it's been apparent for years, he adds nothing going forward, and constantly gives the ball away in dangerous positions. He's just a body, good teams don't just have bodies on the field. If you want Bradley and Jones, fine, they are both good box to box players, but someone needs to be the creative force in the center of the field...
That's true Johnson has been good, but I think that Kljestan is really ready to take the next step, and was a pretty crucial player for his club this year... I like Jones, but he just seems to be a liability either through injury or suspension, and to me he's just an older and poorer version of Michael Bradley. And if you take Jones on, Beckerman or Edu (preferably Edu, I think he's awful) shouldn't be there, or the other way around.
Kljestan and Beasley I think should be there. Not sure what it's about, but I will say that the 3 Germans playing in midfield have not been all that impressive, wonder if Klinsmann is just trying to cap tie the young ones as soon as possible
Toronto continues it's tradition of giving up late goals
We still haven't done enough. We need young, exciting wing play, and right now it's just not there... Dane Richards is not good enough, and if Lindpere ends up playing in the middle, then we have nobody on the left... I like the Conde pickup, Kenny Cooper scares me b/c the guy is such a ballhog. They still have a lot of work to do.
can we stop with the historic nonsense. It was a friendly against a good team. That makes it a good win and a good building block for the future, NOTHING ELSE. Historic wins are wins you will be talking about in the future. How pathetic would it be if the US fanbase was talking about our victory over Italy in that friendly. We all want the US to be elite, so let's start acting like it.
I voted for Edu. He finally realized that he is at his best when he's not touching the ball, ever. Great job.
Call in anyone, as long as Edu doesn't play
Maurice Edu is not a good player, when are we going to realize this and end this automatic inclusion that he gets... Benny Feilhaber is twice the player of Edu, and he can actually pass, trap and attempt shots w/out completely whiffing on the ball(which Edu does seemingly every game)... Or even give a spot to a guy who is not at Edu's level now, but who deserves a look at this level, like: Chris Pontius, Eddie Gavin, Graham Zusi, Perry Kitchen, Conor Shanosky, Davey Arnoud, just to name a few in the MLS, that's not even counting all the young guys over seas that may be more difficult to pull out for a friendly
I think it only indicates that Agudelo will be playing more on the wing, which is where they really need help. Lindpere is good on the left, but Dane Richards is god awful on the right. Beyond those 2 NY has no real wing players, which agudelo can be. Also, Luke Rogers gets his, but nobody fears Luke Rogers. at least Cooper is a multi-dimensional player that other teams have to account for. He's just gonna have to learn to pass better, b/c Cooper is a ballhog of the highest order, and that's not gonna fly w/ Henry.
I'm not sure why they want a midfielder who has a poor first touch, can't pass and always finds ways to lose possession in his own half. I hope they make him a centerback, he's good defensively, and has at least enough skills to play back there. Actually, I just hope I'm wrong about him, and that once he gets in an environment unlike the god awful Scottish league, he will play differently.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2012 on Sochaux make second bid for Edu at Soccer By Ives
I've never heard him comment. But thanks for the info... And I will tell you, that the Russian girls are eager to please but money hungry and a little bitchy. And the Asian brides, well, lets just say don't turn your back when they're holding a knife, and always buckle your seat-belt.
Ives, what's up with the Russian and Asian mail order bride advertisements on your site? And on a side note, I hope Donovan fires two past Friedel and his fake English accent, and rubs it in.
Can't both be true?
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2012 on Gonzalez tears ACL at Nurnberg at Soccer By Ives
Oh good
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2012 on Gonzalez tears ACL at Nurnberg at Soccer By Ives
Good job by the coach to pull his team off, that's crazy of a ref not to allow players to protect themselves against fans. The referee should have absolutely no role in that scuffle, other than to suspend the match if they can't play
say that when its you in that position, its not as if the guy was docile on the ground, he was still kicking at the keeper. Bottom line, if you run on the field in ANY sporting event, expect to get beat down, b/c you're an idiot
no shock here. Terry's always been a dirtbag. the only shock is how he remained on the England team, and is still Chelseas captain. Who looks up to this guy?
looks like a really good team. hopefully they can come together quickly
results mean nothing, this isn't a team, it's a young all-star type team that doesn't play together. just another opportunity for them to be exposed to professional setups
Maurice Edu is the most overrated player in the National Team pool, he flat out doesn't deserve to be in the center of the midfield in any capacity. He turns the ball over on 50% of his touches or more, fouls constantly, and his skills are severely lacking. He's a decent player in the Scottish league, and was a decent player in MLS, I think we (myself included) made more out of him than he deserved b/c he was young and very athletic. He just hasn't progressed mentally or skillwise in any meaningful way. If there is hope for his Nats career, he needs to run from the SPL, and I hope the rest of the US players there leave too, it's an awful, awful league. Play Bradley finally, and try either Williams or Johnson next to him. It's time to start getting serious here. Klinnsmann has been trying new things, and that's fine, but at a certain point losing becomes a culture, and he can't allow that. Michael Bradley isn't a classic #10, sometimes he doesn't play quick enough, but he has the requisite skills and mind to play effectively offensively at most any level, and is a workhorse defensively. He needs someone inclined to play 1-2 touch fast attacking soccer with him, and I think it's time to see if any of these new guys are that...
Maurice Edu Sucks, when is he gonna run out of opportunities. He can't pass, can't control the ball. He can run relatively fast and foul, he certainly can foul... He needs to learn to play CB, or just not be on the team
it doesn't mean anything. The season is very long, and there's always ebbs and flows for players. Players play and don't play for hundreds of reasons. Competition is why guys go to Europe, if it was all about minutes Jozy would have never left MLS
who said anything about caps??? Not me, I alluded to the fact that Gonzalez hasn't even been in the 23 available to be picked, whereas Tim Ream has, and assumingly under Klinsmanns system Ream is somehow ranked ahead of Gonzalez. Read before you get up in arms about a light hearted comment making fun of the Eurosnobs who were clamoring for the superior European methods.