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Yes, they have a new fight song.....its not a rumor its true. i know because my brother is in the utep drumline. if you would've paid VERY CLOSE attention to the New Mexico Bowl when UTEP played BYU, after UTEP scored one of their touchdowns, the band "debuted" the fight song. Quite frankly, to me, it sounds much more like a fight song than the "marty robins" song ever did. i personally didn't like that fight song, its just his country song sped up. This new fight song is going to replace the "marty robins" song. they are still keeping texas fight for pregame's. its time for change!! im glad he's doing it. I for one was bored with the same stand music and pregame the marching band had for the past like 30 years. this new thing he has going is just fun to watch, i almost forgot i was there for a football game this year. people talk about tradition and not wanting to change.....what tradition??? of playing a dumb fight song that doesn't even sound like a fight song? if theres any tradition its the tradition of constant heartbreaks from the football team, no bowl win in about 50 years?? really? and people are gonna complain about the fight song? maybe its a start of some changes that need to be made and if it takes with changing the fight song then im all for it
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Feb 23, 2011