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Great points - 18 years ago I went back to college and made a mid-career switch to programming/web development. During 1980, I once stood in a line of 150 applicants for a manual labor job (working in a furniture warehouse for about double minimum wage). Lots of competetion for a very poor job! Eight months ago I was laid off from my position I had held for the previous three years. I am 56 and I read the papers, surf the news, and watch some of experts on TV - yikes!!! But I had 4 great job offers in 6 weeks - took the best here at I was asked at if I knew of anyone that they could hire. I did not because everyone in my field everyone that I know is working and some are moving to higher paying jobs leaving vacancies.
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After Spring break it will time to start thinking about that good ole summer job! Its a little tough out there. Try And if you live in the DC area, try
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If you want to see the site where I got my job
Awesome analogy! I especially like the clincher - "Are you willing to tend your job search garden with a caring, consistent investment of hard work, tenacity and perseverance until you reap your desired results?" I was laid off 8 months ago - depression and anger started immediately, but remarkable and I believe with the Lord's help, this lasted only 1 hour (never been this short a time before!). Within 6 weeks, after applying for lots of jobs in my field, computer programming / web development, I had several interview and 4 jobs on the line - took the best one! Thank you Lord and thank you
There are a variety of jobs with non-profit organizations on And if you live in the DC area, try
Getting work is so very helpful. It is so important to stay busy and be productive. Try
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May 19, 2010