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I have a 2008 model GMC3500 Srw Crew Cab on 17 inch wheels, great truck. 50,000K of work. If I have the money I would like to get a new 2012GMC. I personally do not want everyone to buy these trucks, there would be to much unemployment without Ford. I have worked HD all my life and the 5.9 Cummins with a P7100, was a great engine and I could have got a discount to buy a Dodge or a Sterling. I bought the GMC, Ford was never in the picture. To those that want a real test of a vehicle, you might want to mention the B.C. run. Have a real good day!
I would like to make a suggestion on a good area to do the comparison test. If you start off at West bank in B.C. Canada. Travel over to Merritt on the #97C then go on the #5 till you cross the river north of Kamloops. then turn around and go back, threw Kelowna to Hwy #33 to the 3 then to the Alberta boarder. It will give you a nice trip, great views, put the trucks to work, and give people a real world run, not some drive threw the park. One thing we do have in B.C. is mountains. Just a thought!
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May 25, 2010