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Bravo! My thoughts exactly. It concerns the heck outta me that we (meaning people in our country) can't seem to get in some sort of civil dialogue. The attacks keep on coming and they obscure important issues. The attacking is done by both sides. Obama is a non-American Muslim who is trying to make this a socialist state. Palin isn't the real mother of her youngest's her oldest daughter who somehow got pregnant while she was pregnant. So let's trash an 18 year old. Clearly, the other side are Nazis, reading to kill millions simply because they want to expand health care/want to protect what they currently have. It often seems we lack a common purpose in this country today. So why respect your political opponents/opposites when it's much easier to dehumanize and hate them?
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I don't necessarily think that the overall publicity that creates attention outweighs the damage to the credibility...I think that in the end, most people in their customer base haven't heard of or, if they did, really care about this story. For that matter, I sincerely doubt people stopped going to Wal-Mart or McDonalds. Nope. Most people haven't heard of Edelman and make that tenfold for Ziptoni. These stories are largely insider stories, in which we're pissed off, but can't do much about. And that sucks.
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