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I'm a Mac/Tech Geek girl with an integrated life.
Interests: Social Networks, blogging, coffee, traveling, technology, Apple, Macs, iPods, David Allen's GTD system, productivity software/systems, beta-testing applications/systems/networks
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What I love about Posterous is the mobile aspect. That I can easily upload a video, link, picture, etc and just by using different email addresses(like post@posterous as opposed to posterous@posterous), post to other services. And you can have group blogs (we should start one, btw!). I use Tumblr in the same way you do, and while I love it, it's never seemed as easy as Posterous.
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on Bits, bytes, posterous, punk at Greg Verdino
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The first thing I look at when people follow me is their f/f'ers ratio and also if they've filled out their profile. I like the glimpse into who someone is and where we might have common ground. I had wanted to say hello last night at BS08, but things got crazy. Hope you had fun!
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