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It is interesting that the civil rights act of 1875 was declared unconstitution for the very reason that Paul points out.. Wikipedia summarizes it this way: "Supreme Court deemed the act unconstitutional on the basis that Congress had no power to regulate the conduct of individuals." Truthfully, I don't think discrimination was economically sustainable if it wasn't embraced by Government laws. Yes there would be pockets of Jerks, but everyone would know that they where Jerks, and they would be treated as jerks. Getting rid of the State endorsement and encouragement or sometimes requirement of jerkness would probably end it without making people feel trampled upon. People who feel trampled upon also feel justified in retaining their oppressed behavior, weather it was reasonable or not. On a related note, Portland Oregon has a fun little debate going on where a anarchist run coffee shop is refusing to serve on or off duty police officers. Apparently they are bragging that the publicity from kicking the cop out has been really good for business.
What? Tom Cable doesn't even get a mention?
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I think there is something about the Quaintness of the farmers market that makes it seem like a more ecologically sound option than it really is.. The simple fact of the matter is that you could transport food hundreds of miles in a semi truck for the same amount of fuel that you spend transporting it tens of miles in a pickup. I think that that message needs to be pointed out. I don't think that Lays are going to go over very big in the farmers market though. No matter how hard they try, they will never be quaint. I see some junk food being manufactured and peddled quaintly, and it sells just fine in the farmer's market. I think the real appeal is quaintness, not any tangible benefit.