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J.R. LeMar
Somewhere inbetween genius & insanity.
Mostly harmless
Interests: astronomy, archeology, biology, paleontology, entomology, technology, genealogy, theology, astrology, cryptozoology, meteorology, egyptology, cardiology, scientology, ufology, cosmetology, & long walks on the beach.
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Jun 5, 2011
I am impressed with the way you captured their eyes in the 2nd pic.
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Posted Jan 29, 2011 at J.R. LeMar
Lookin' good!
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That's odd. I would've thought that, due to the election of President Obama, they would want to get a book like this out as soon as possible.
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Good grief. Can't people find something else to talk about, already? Are we still going to be seeing "Black vs. Biracial" articles and blogs being written about in 4 years from now?
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Sounds like an interesting book. As bad as the concept may sound, it's hard to really blame all of the folks who have "passed," especially back in the days of Jim Crow and extreme racism. I mean, if you were living in a time when Blacks would just get randomly pulled off the streets and lynched by a mob in broad daylight, and nobody could tell just by looking @ you that you were "Black," would you really go out of your way to tell everyone? I doubt if "passing" was every really that wide-spread, and it's probably even less so in modern times, although we can never really know for sure, obviously. I've known a lot of mixed people in my life, and even the lightest ones can't really pass for full-White. Even if people can't tell @ first, the longer you hang around them, you could figure it out, eventually. I wonder if there's ever any other kind of passing, not just Blacks passing as Whites? I've been mistaken for Hispanic a lot. I bet if I learned to speak Spanish, or @ least fake a Spanish accent, I could pass as one.
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2009 on Near Black at Light-skinned-ed Girl
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Thought I'd commented on this last night. Well, I know my browser was screwing up. Anyway, I was saying the the story of her son's complexion reminded me of me. Since I was also born "pinkish", and about 4 months later I darkened up to "brownish." Didn't care for the line @ the end "I want my son to grow up wearing his biracial heritage like an invisibility cloak, able to move unseen among people's prejudices—impervious to racial profiling." WTF?!? Shouldn't the wish be that ALL children can grow up impervious to racial profiling? Or is it just Biracial kids who deserve to have this special advantage? That was a weird comment, to me.
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Just got in. Haven't read the article yet, but I think I already know how she feels. And I don't know if she counts it specifically because she's "Biracial" or just because she's not fully "White," but I do think that's something that many, if not, most non-White Americans can relate to. Most of us have felt this way,@ times. I think it was W.E.B. Dubois who wrote about the "two souls" of Black folks, that are constantly fighting against each other on the inside. Sure, we're proud to be Americans, but America hasn't always made it easy for us to be proud. That's how big bad Jeremiah Wright could serve his country in the Marines during the Korean War, AND say "G-ddamn America!" on the pulpit. As one of my friends used to say "I'll salute the flag when the flag salutes ME." I wrote about this on election night. I said how I'd always considered myself to be a proud American, but on that night I realized that it previously was more of an abstract feeling. I knew, on an intellectual level, that America was a great country, but when Barack Hussein Obama won, I know felt it emotionally. It's real now. I belong here. The Right might not like to hear that, since they're the kind of people who judge patriotism by whether or not someone wears a flag pin, but I know many others get what I'm saying.
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"Let's be honest, most black men in Barack's position would not have married Michelle especially a biracial man with a white mother." ????? Where the heck did you get that idea?
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"What's the difference between a hero and a coward? There is no difference. They both have the same fears. It's what the hero does, in spite of his fears, that makes him a hero. And it's what the coward doesn't do, because of his fears, that makes him a coward." - Cus D'amato (boxing trainer).
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2009 on On Heroism at Light-skinned-ed Girl
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