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Justin M.
INFJ Seeker
Interests: NDE Research, OBE's with veridical perceptions, LD's, Deep Meditation, Swedenborg, J.S. Bach, Natural Male Sopranos e.g. Radu Marian & Jorge Cano.
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Just a quiet lurker here, but I wanted to share that I thoroughly enjoy reading the great thoughts on this page, especially what Richard just posted. I totally agree with his perceptions, esp. the part that mentions '"parents telling their silly hippie adolescents" to grow up'. Concise and hilarious. I too have had very many LD's, OBE's etc and it's true that the debunkers probably just don't want to explore the nature of the 'hyper-reality' which is available to all of us, with an open and inquiring mind. Lazy, 'armchair Scientists' is how I view them. They just don't have the b*lls. Excuse my directness. :)
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Jun 23, 2012