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It seems there is a semi-solution to the content-installation-during-deployment problem. Here is a link to my original AUGI Thread: By clearing out the ContentPacks fields in the master.rac.xml file in the Deployment folder, Revit will skip the content installation. I will be testing this out, along with the changes I made to my inifile.xml file (with above tips / changes) tomorrow
Thanks for the clarification!
Thanks for the reply! I am going to be tweaking our xml file this afternoon and giving it a test run. Right now we're doing the batch copy as Chris mentioned above. Does changing this xml file adjust where the content gets installed or only adjusts the actual INI file? I Guess what I'm getting at is if the deploy install will install the content based on the path in this xml file or will it still install in the default path? If there was a way to fix the Content Pack issue, that would be amazing and make my IT staff very happy! They are not happy about the unnecessary bandwidth drain and extra time to install the deploy
Thank you very much for this great post! Autodesk really dropped the ball on the content packs and various paths with the 2012 deployment creation tool... Could you elaborate a bit on some of this? While I'm not scared by computer speak, I don't read it fluently. You mention you can replace this: [RVT_DEFAULTTEMPLATE_ARCHITECTURAL] with this: to point to a custom network location for your project template. Is this same step true for any of the library paths as well such the Library=[RVT_PATH_LIBRARIES],[RVT_UNITSTANDARD] Detail Library=[RVT_PATH_DETAILS] line? Why is the
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May 3, 2011