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Bob, I do think you "got" Dave on this. The reciprocal arrow (as with Ed & Alan's arrows) are helpful as well I think. To Richard's point, and in line w/ my own particular bias, I do think we need to conceptualize (and actualize!) this against the backdrop of the missio Dei. God's mission, while aimed at the creation of a covenant people, addresses the whole of creation and thus there is a larger... project(?) that this all takes place within. Hope the time in Richmond was great, wish I could have been there.
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I'm with you, props to Francis for walking away from the comfort and control that came along with his position and stardom. We need plenty more examples of this. To answer your question though, truthfully (and I just hate that this will come across as cynical), I'm not sure that the act alone, even en masse, would have the effect we'd like - a distribution of ministry into teams of gifted people as opposed to standout personalities. Francis, and the rest who would follow him, will simply be replaced by the next in line as befitting the structures and systems that are in place. These have to come crumbling to the ground. Perhaps Francis has been more focal than I am aware, but the really great thing, the truly helpful thing, would be for people like this, not just to leave, but to go the next big step of calling out a bankrupt system that they would see dismantled. I would hate for that to be a reason for anyone not to follow through, I'm just advocating for an awareness and vocalization of the larger problems we are facing in Western Christianity.
Thanks for the mention and link, but some of your readers may be disappointed to discover that I am JR Rozko and not the JR Woodward of global fame (and a good friend of mine!).
Great story Andrew, thanks for sharing. I had to do a double-take at one point. I have spoken at Subchurch as well, Morten is a real life friend, so that connection was way cool to see. I hope this is a catalyst for others to tell stories of the hows and whys that the EC is not so easily pegged as an exclusively white or Western phenomenon.
Bill, this post is a homerun if there ever was one. In a context so blinded by individualism and consumerism, we just can't bank the "the medium is the message" drum loud or long enough. Thanks.
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