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Correction, Ross and I were not members of the same Christ Community Church. Same shit, different place. :)
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2011 on Born to Burn at Confessions of a Christian Dropout
Bill, you're a nicer "dropout" than I would have been in responding to that comment. Especially had some jerk told me I needed virgins and theologians. What kind of bullshit answer is that anyway? Oh wait, it's Christ Community bullshit. A very special brand of bullshit that is encased in popularity and jazzed up quotation marks and evangelical hogwash. I'm so sorry you had to listen to the lengthy diatribe from someone who obviously felt "called" (see, I can use quotation marks too!) by God to write it and leave it on your blog. What a sad, sad world we live in where folks like him waltz into our private spaces and throw as much evangelical fluff at us as they can, all in the hopes that something will eventually stick. There were enough jabs in that thesis that somewhere in there, he was bound to strike a nerve about something. So props to you for keeping your cool. I wouldn't have been as level-headed or as kind. Why wouldn't I have been as kind? Because God didn't tell me anything about Christ Community the entire time my husband and I went, other than to point out the fact that He himself had never been. God, I mean. He said that He was well aware of the place and had heard a lot about it, but had never been invited in. Imagine that. A church ... being self-absorbed and myopic. Gasp. But, see, I've learned something since dropping out of the protestant church entirely. I've learned that when you no longer fear hell, you stop feeling sorry for all those lost souls who are going to burn in it for eternity. This leads to incredible enlightenment through the process of seeing people as actual flesh and blood people, instead of just possible vessels to be saved and led into the flock, like it's all some great big pissing contest to see who can bring in the most fish. And make no mistake, it is with most evangelicals. Oh, I know Ross, you LOVE everyone. Even assholes like me. But, you don't. Not really. You say you do. I heard it a whole lot. But, never felt it until I started communing with "heathens" (particularly the Mormons, but that's a whole other ball of wax). Some of the best divine kind of conversations I've had have been with Jews, Buddhists, Mormons and Atheists. I know ... how can I possibly expect to find God outside of your shallow little box of greeters and overdone, burnt, sunday school lessons? Without your trite judgmental talks and interventions and pray sessions? Easily and without hesitation ... that's how. I say all of this without a shred of respect or love. I was taught to hate by the mainstream church. I was taught to judge by that church, and to alienate those I loved most because of their inability to be "holy" enough for places like CCC. I hear you Ross, you're saying that God loves me and that I've let Satan in, and that it's all his evil doing that's led me astray. I did let him in, I'll admit it. He asked for a beer one muggy afternoon and I couldn't refuse him one. He looked hot as hell (pun intended) and I just thought, "since we're praying for the lost ... seems pretty lost to me." So, I ushered him in and he started in on his "talk" about the perks of the molten underworld, but then he took one look at the CCC bulletin on my end table, smiled, and abruptly got up. He said his work had already been done here and thanked me for my time. He wasn't even polite enough to take his beer with him. Bottom line, Ross, is that the arrogance and flippant manner with which you oh so casually addressed Bill's heartfelt, intelligent post, only deepens my lack of concern for people like you, or your plight. You don't love others. You love yourself. How can I tell, because your entire response centered around your being "right," and putting down Bill's thought process. You're ignorant Ross, at best, and dangerously lost when it comes to the process of asking questions and actually seeking real answers, as Bill is doing. You're nothing more than a lemming and I feel for you. I'd offer to pray for you (as so many offer to do for me), but I doubt the big guy upstairs gives a great gosh damn about what you do or don't say in his honor. God is after all omnipotent, yes? Bill, my heart goes out to you. Not because I see myself as being in any other boat than the one you're in, but because I am paddling right alongside you. I get it. I've felt this way for a very very long time and I'm just now starting to feel comfortable in my own skin again and it's a great feeling ... to no longer need that organized system to be a buffer between myself and God. The real God. Not the fluffed up version we were taught about or sang crunchy, might-as-well-be-a-cult worship songs for. I commend you for having the guts to put yourself out here like this and invite open conversation. If you ever need someone in your corner, don't hesitate to yell at me. I'll back you up. :) In the meantime, keep searching. We were given a brain for a reason, and I have no doubt that God intends for us to use that brain and the reasoning that goes along with it. If he's all that concerned with the specifics, then in his mighty power, he can come down here and makes this all a lot simpler, but since he hasn't ... I think we're doing just fine on our own. And for the record, we're not alone, we're just not "with stupid" anymore. I was kind of tired of wearing that shirt anyway. P.S. The only person I don't want to offend is you Bill, so feel free to edit my profanity to taste.
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2011 on Born to Burn at Confessions of a Christian Dropout
I'm going to start calling you Cinnamon now, just FYI :)
Toggle Commented May 2, 2011 on Day 74: Re-Name Yourself at Crafter's Devotional
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May 2, 2011