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Jason Sewell
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For what it's worth, the newer iPhones fix several of your complaints: 1) There is no need to enter your PIN to use the camera. 2) On the new version of iOS, you can access the camera app directly from the lock screen. 3) The display is arguably one of the best viewfinders on *any* camera. 4) The Apple-branded leather case doesn't interfere with the camera. 5) Image quality is substantially improved. I can pull my iPhone from my pocket and take a picture in less than 3 seconds (I timed it). This is in line with how long it takes my Canon5D2 to power up and take a picture. My only real complaint with my iPhone 6 camera is the sensor size and it's inability to produce nice bokeh (which seems to be falling out of favor recently anyway). But like all things, YMMV.
Excellent summary and post. We're fortunate enough to have Verizon FiOS in the near west end, but gigabit from Google would be fantastic. Joining the FB group now!
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Mar 31, 2010