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Vancouver, WA
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I spent quite a while with a few VMs (Fusion, but VirtualBox is free) and git setups testing things. Having a primary git repo relay the pushes means the destinations only need defined access and allow at most one host to push. Keeps things tidy, and SSH keys are easy to manage.
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Actually, yes. You do deserve the $300, but my share was just for $100. I'll chase down Sartak and doy ;) This is really what I had in mind. I know that you are saying that cpanminus is a bad idea, but for the people who simply want to install things and go, it isn't so bad to just assume the defaults. I've been really struggling lately with clean deployments, where I don't have to babysit CPAN as I install Catalyst, Moose, DBIC, Plack, etc. I'll redeploy a linode and try cpanminus with my dependencies. It looks promising for people who are just trying to get modules setup. Anything with XS makes just shipping an extlib difficult (though .debs are a better solution there). On an unrelated note, I've never had an OOM error with linode's $20 VPS. Are you adding any swap (I always add 512MB swap, which is probably why).
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Oops, yeah -- I had it as "foo" originally, then changed the attribute name and forgot to update the others. Thanks!
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Hi charsbar, and all. This isn't so much about configuring cpan, it's about things just not working right. I am sorry it took so long to respond, but I wanted to sit down and show some more concise examples of the frustrating experience of using CPAN. You can read the follow up at
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Congrats Rick! Happy to see you get a beta, but not happy enough to toss my iPhone ;)
Testing comments, since nobody else will :)
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I love the "important word". As someone who lacks a degree, it's nice to see people who understand you can still rock without one. Wish you guys the best of luck, and hope you can find some awesome candidates. Can't wait to see the app(s). -J
Rick, happy to opine :) PS., got a typo on the survey, "Please a name you'd use for a software company".
Isn't this effectively the iTunes model? You can buy season passes for shows you like, then you download them automatically (and the backlog, as necessary?) People like to hate on the DRM thing, but that really isn't a big deal to the average end user. It's a windmill people have to run off to fight. As far as pricing goes, the iTunes season pass is nearly identical to the DVD box sets ($35 on average). This means you "own" it. Cool. If it is less than that, you can't reasonably expect to "own" it unless you buy it used (which I'm a huge proponent of). As a Mac geek, I'm amused to hear about an opportunity for video delivery that has existed and been hated on for years now :) The studios and copyright holders are the problem here, the software is already solved.
Low expectations are the key to success! The only time you can afford to have high expectations is when it is with yourself. However, they must read your blog and know you... My iMac is having some serious heat issues, I call them up to ask if it is normal. Nope, it isn't -- nice lady on the phone says that under normal operation I should be around 45C (according to her book). I take it in, and I'm told 3-5 days. I call on the 7th day asking what's going on, they tell me they don't know yet. Finally on the 9th or 10th day I get a call that everything is done, ready to go. "Hardware Repair - Level 1" is all they can tell me. I get *nothing* else out of them as far as what is going on. Get home, turn the computer on. After a few hours of routine work it's back to running above 60C+ with visual artifacts on the screen. Yay. Thanks for nothing Apple. If I didn't expect -all- hardware to be terrible, I'd be upset. Now, I'll probably just shell out more money for a Mac Pro after this one inevitably meets a premature death. But I'll be upset about it. Maybe.
Wow, Rick! I guess Palin inspired you? *rimshot* Good luck, please keep us all posted. I'm eager to see what you're working on. I'm guessing it's Blackberry based, which means I'll miss out from first hand experience but still eager to see! Thanks for your advice and blog posts from the ivory tower.
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