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I would love to spend one more day with my mother. I had the nicest complement with my granddaughter the other day when we were remembering her. I said I want to be just like Grandma Gertrude when I grow up and she looked at me and " but Grandma, you already are".
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Total of 13 in entire post. Being from Michigan the natural choice for me would be Cherry Pie.
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Don't want to sound completely corny but what has inspired me recently is reading this series of reviews of Thomas' book. I have been quilting for years and years but have taken an interest in modern quilting lately. I have made several and they are very freeing but after learning about all of the feelings that pour out of his quilts I hope to be more mindful of how I will be expressing myself in my future works.
This is the only fabric line that I don't have from Bonnie and Camille. I need, want, got to have it!
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My favorite letter is J for Jackie, Jay my son, John my Dad and Jelly rolls
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Totally loved your post. Big seems to be big right now. I would love to see something pieced in 24"
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Love the big block quilts!
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The pattern I'm working on right now is fireworks. Love how it's coming out! Would love a box of scraps on my doorstep!
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East Lansing, MI. My favorite place to eat is actually in Lansing--a whole 5 minutes away. Delucas' Pizza without a doubt.
I do both but quilting is my fave
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Reminds me of the beaded neclace that my favorite aunt made for me as a young girl. It made me feel so very grown up.
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Too cute. These would be fun to do with my grandkids.
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Aqua and red absolutely!
Toggle Commented Sep 15, 2011 on Fig Day at the MODA Country Fair at Fresh Figs
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Absolutely LOVE your pattern style! Currently working on two of you patterns. I may just have to add the animal alphabet to my list.
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Choosing a favorite color is like choosing a favorite child. I love them all! I am thrilled that you are including type in your designs. I can't get enough of it. Takes me back to the times my dad would allow me to accompany him to the newspaper office so many, many years ago.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2011 on Sweet 16 at makelifesweet
You have become my favoriet fresh designer. My grandkids are loving their quilts made with your patterns. Quilting 24 years and loving it!
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Love the softness of all of your collections. Your reds really capture me.
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