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Jane S.
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Just finished looking through the gallery -- oh, man do I love this! I may have to print out a half dozen of my favorites for inspiration or to scraplift. One tiny suggestion: please consider putting the page size with the materials list. I always liked this feature in SS.
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I love that y'all are doing this. I haven't seen a thing in CK that looked like they were incorporating anything form Simple Scrapbooks (0ther than Elisha's crop space) and I don't know that I'll subscribe after this freebie subscription runs out. Oh, I second (squared) the suggestion about dragging Cathy Z into this. It wouldn't be complete without her. Also, how about Margaret Scarborough?
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Wendy -- We will miss you and Simple Scrapbooks so much -- I've been a subscriber since the beginning and still have most of the issues. I hope CK makes good on their vow to carry on the Simple concept but I'm not renewing until I see. Your book was such a great inspiration in understanding my process and organizing my supplies to support it. It's really made it easier for me to get going and I actually clean up when I'm through! Because, as Aby says, once you've got it organized -- closet, paper, crop studio -- you have an incentive to keep it that way. Even though we lost both Simple and Digital this year (that's where my CK subscription came from), it's not just the scrapbooking magazines. Two of my favorite shelter magazines (Cottage Living and Country Home) also folded this year and I'm left with subscriptions to magazines I don't really want. Don't know where you will end up going. But just have faith that all of this happened for a reason and it will become clear in time.