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James, the Last Great Crime for relativists is hypocrisy. Since they do not believe in objective morality, the only crime is to preach moral values to others and then fail to live up to them yourself. The Catholic Church infuriates them by preaching traditional sexual morality, and they see the criminal failure of a small percentage of priests to obey those teachings as proof that the whole moral system is too demanding and therefore self-refuting. And in the absence of objective standards, such self-contradiction is the only line of criticism permitted by the Dictatorship of Relativism. Compare all this to Roman Polanski, recently arrested for similar crimes perpetrated in the same era (the 1970's) as most of the priest abuse scandals. It seems to me that there is more anger and outrage directed at the Pope for his alleged leniency than there is towards Polanski for actually, personally committing the crime of child rape.
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Apr 11, 2010