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The real backlash will be when various websites and phone apps stop working. NF should split the websites between streaming and DVD/BD. DVD will have a long tail but wont need much maintenance. Dedicate specific resources to delivery with minimal updates. Just keep the existing customer base happy. No need to push them to streaming.
Again, NF has over-simplified this setting. It would be much more useful to me if I could set it by device. I want full blown HD on my PS3 because it is connected to my home theatre. I don't mind that sometimes my ISP can't handle the HD stream because the PS3 adapts by downgrading the quality instead of stopping to buffer. Love the almost instant start too. My Roku, however, is attached to a smaller TV in the bedroom with only stereo output. I'd like to force it to use 3-dot quality all the time to escape the long startup buffering for HD and re-buffering when the Roku chooses too high of a stream. Although, I haven't seen it do the re-buffering in a while so maybe the Roku went to adaptive too.
The above list is missing Psych: Season 5 and Stargate Universe: Season 2 which both started shipping today but were not included on the RSS feed or the "Releasing This Week" page. It is getting harder to know when my favourite shows are releasing on DVD. Anybody come across a site like DVDLater that has upcoming DVD releases of TV shows linked to NF?
Something else to consider is that total consumed is not exactly relevant for a vast structure like the Internet. It is an indicator of what people are using their connection for but not an indication of how much capacity is in use. Neflix streaming is now big enough that they should be (and maybe already are) in talks with the larger ISPs to move the content into the ISP's network. Much like ISPs often cache commonly accessed image files, NF might create an easily distributable server instance that an ISP could deploy to reduce back-haul bandwidth.
Wow! Actual "hacking" on Hacking Netflix. How odd that NF is only checking what the phone reports itself as. It be interesting to see what it works and doesn't work on. Probably a processor limitation.
I wish it had the DVD queue. I'm not that interested in streaming to my phone. I would however like to quickly add titles to my DVD queue as I come across them (or make sure they are already there).
@Matthew Rogers You are assuming that DNS round robin is the only way to load balance and A/B test. You would probably be right if this was YouTube and you didn't need authentication and encryption. NF servers and CDN servers have to maintain state (keep you authorized) and so once you are assigned to a server (or cluster) then you probably stay there. I'm completely guessing but I am trying to point out that it is possible. The robustness, size, and complexity of the NF, CDN, and ATT configurations make it difficult for anyone to predict which specific physical and virtual machines that your specific connections would use. Hopefully NF has built in some data logging for when you get 2-dot and what specific machines you were attached to. This is the only way I see them figuring out what the problem is unless ATT is testing out throttling without telling their representatives (no that couldn't happen).