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PS....A big reason the Arabs hate Israel so vehemently is that Jews are supposed to be dhimmis. Arabs feel toward Israel like white southerners right after the Civil War felt toward newly freed black slaves. "How dare they stand up and act like they are as good as a white man." Rage and humiliation fueled lynchings and massacres and blockage of equal rights into the middle of the 20th century. According to Islam, Judaism and Christianity was superceded by Islam, and Jews and Christians are supposed to be ruled by Islam. Muslims know Israel was the Jewish nation, they know Jews were there first, and here are the Jews now, free people sovereign again in their own nation, not only that, making the deserts bloom and inventing modern technology and giving gays equal rights and beating the Arabs in wars, and it drives the Arabs NUTS. Why should we cater to their inferiority complex? They need to grow the fuck up.
"israel is socialist and already has socialized healthcare." Your stereotype is about 25 years out of date. Read "Start-up Nation". Israel has more entrepreneurs per capita than any country beside the US. That's per capita, in a country of 6 million people. Yes, Israel has universal healthcare. I don't know exactly how it works or how good it is. What does that have to do with the Palestinian question? "israel is acting Illegally by expanding into borders no nation except israel recognizes." Since - according to UN resolutions - no borders have been negotiated, the temporary armistice lines are not legal boundaries. Nations and NGOs may THINK Israel should be this size or that - I'm just quoting the UN. The borders have not been negotiated because every time the parties get close to a settlement the Palestinians pull out. Thank God I say, because the last few times they were offered way too much, and they would have continued to attack Israel anyway. "israel put the united states at risk of further attack by provoking arab states" Even if you could make a case for that - tough shit. Let them get over it. You want our foreign policy run by the Arabs? They get veto over our alliances by threatening to attack us if we're friends with someone they don't like? Well, that is Obama's attitude and that's one of many reasons I didn't vote for him. "israel has no economic incentive for us to trade with, no markets or resources." You just pulled all this out of your ass, didn't you? You were asleep since the mid-60s and just woke up, still under the impression that israel's main export is Jaffa oranges? You can read the book I mentioned, or here's a summary: There are lots of lists of all the inventions and commercializations of same of Israeli high-tech sector, you can google them. If you ever get sick your life will probably depend on something invented by Israel. If you use a PC with an Intel chip or Windows OS, or a cell-phone, you are using products developed to a large extent in Israel. "the Palestinians are fighting for their land and the country as our founding fathers did while resiting occupation. they are closer to the principles of america than israel. why support israel?" If you substitute "Jew" for "Palestinian" you will have historical accuracy. And our founding fathers didn't wade into crowds of families shopping in a market or celebrating a wedding or a holiday and blow themselves up, deliberately killing and maiming children and grandmothers.
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Mar 31, 2010