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Jimmy Bergmark - JTB World
Jimmy Bergmark JTB World - Software development and consulting Owner/Developer
Interests: Software, programming, CAD, BIM, license management, FlexNet, FLEXlm, automation and so on.
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I remember how cool it was to zoom around in the Solar System drawing back in AutoCAD Version 2.6.
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Here are some alternative solutions:
I found this about BricsCAD 14.1.02. "The QDIM functionality, which was newly added in V14.1.01, has been removed from this release in view of an unclear patent situation that recently emerged and which Bricsys wants to research prior to possibly incorporating said function again in a future release."
Unfortunately many companies still need Office 32-bit installed for different reasons.
Only problem with the solution is that AccessDatabaseEngine_x64.exe cannot be installed if you already have 32-bit Office installed.
Thanks for sharing and time to update TS17847202.
Kean, is it expected that even linetypes that are used are broken after this command?
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Note that the above tip only affects the ribbon tab within AutoCAD. Autodesk 360 is still installed. I shared some tips about this here:
I spell out the letters both when I say it in English as well as in Swedish.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2013 on How Do You Say DWG? at Between the Lines
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Besides there is no AutoCAD 2013 SP2 released. I also wonder in what version the /language switch was first added.
Can you import excel data into sheet set? SSMPropEditor has support for import/export to a tab separated text file or Excel. Will renaming the Path to the drawings mean destroying the link in Sheet Set? Yes, this can be fixed with SSMPropEditor or our repath tool: Sheet Set Manager Path Edit. What is the limit of sheets you can have in a sheet set? As far as I know there is no hard coded limit and I know users with thousands of sheets per sheet set. The problem with too many sheets could be performance wise especially in some older AutoCAD versions and depending on if they are on a network and some other factors.
Here's another way: (dictremove (namedobjdict) "ACAD_VBA")
The Sheet Set functionality was not so ready or capable for release.
The Sheet Set functionality was not so ready for release.
Was the fix for this removed from SP1.1? "Crash while switching IME language for double-byte characters, when Dynmode is turned off."
Not sure I was clear but you can make as many versions like this as you want as long as the number of selection set variables are 128 or less within each function: (defun test1 (/ ss1) (setq ss1 (ssget "X"))) (defun test2 (/ ss2) (setq ss2 (ssget "X"))) ...
Same is if you declare the variable it will be released. You can do 128+ versions of the code below without problem (defun test1 (/ ss1) (setq ss1 (ssget "X")))
Nice. Unless I'm wrong this limitation does not apply when using code like this: (repeat 130 (if (ssget "X") (princ)))
Congrats Shaan! You also inspired me to start JTB World Blog back in 2004.
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My build machine is 32-bit where I build for both 32-bit and 64-bit. But it is not a big deal, I just installed on the 64-bit machine and copied the 64-bit files I needed. I don't use the merge modules though.
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2012 on ADN AutoCAD Utilities at AutoCAD DevBlog
Thanks for posting but it would be better I think to just have the files zipped because now I need to install them on two separate machines to get the files for both 32-bit and 64-bit.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2012 on ADN AutoCAD Utilities at AutoCAD DevBlog
When combining licenses it is always best to take this approach: Copy everything except the first three rows (rows starting with SERVER, USE_SERVER and VENDOR) from the other license file and insert between row 3 and 4 or at the bottom of the new license file.
The documentation online now specify the attribute HelpFile like Helpfile and when 'f' is in lower case F1 will not work. The HelpTopic attribute is not documented well either. It just says: "Help topic to open when the command is active and F1 is pressed." AppName attribute for ComponentEntry is mandatory for cuix files but is not documented. If not used you get an error like: Autoloader is missing an appName for module name ./Contents/whatever.cuix Is really Version="1.1.1" needed for ComponentEntry with the cuix file? If so it is not in the documentation right now.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on Autoloader–F1 help integration at AutoCAD DevBlog
Can you update the readme with what has been fixed?
Toggle Commented May 22, 2012 on AutoCAD 2012 Service Pack 2 at Without A Net
Kean, you may want to consider using System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch class to get the time as it is more lightweight and more precise.
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