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Hooray! More podcast episodes! Maybe a new name? How 'bout "The Hank & Skeeter Hour"?
AMC, I am so sorry to read about Wheatley's passing. A few weeks back when he had trouble digesting that stick, it reminded me of our GR, Mac, shortly before we had to take him to the vet. I feared the same for Wheatley but it sounded like he bounced back quickly enough. You never can tell, they don't complain, they just love you all the more. Hugs to you, Chris & Hank and of course, Georgia. In time, Georgia will be ready for another friend, just as Bertie Wooster has become our new friend. Thank you for sharing your time with Wheats with us. We ARE better for it. I'll throw a new ball into the doggie field in honor of Wheats. I'm sure Sir Wheatley will smile down upon the dog who finds it. JT Chicago
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2009 on Wheatley at Ana Marie Cox