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Jason Tinkey
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Once again, nail on the head. I think about this a lot, Milwaukee and Chicago could do themselves a huge favor by doing some joint marketing to foreign tourists. The overseas notion of the US is that of a huge place with great distances between cities, many people don't realize the two destinations are only a short train ride apart. But as you say, parochialism rules. The few times when common sense overrules it are usually borne from ultimate necessity. I wrote a blogpost recently about this:
Much like West Garfield Park in Chicago. A century ago, it was an upper-middle-class Jewish neighborhood. Those beautiful old greystone mansions were barely fifty years old when disinvestment and white flight set in. The irony is, even though a lot of those buildings have seen some hard times and years of neglect, many of them will probably still be standing after the ticky-tack McMansions outlive their life cycle.
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May 17, 2011