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Tommy Mitchell
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I will never forgive you!!!! I hate you! You are the scum of the earth!!! All of these statements may indeed reflect how we feel at some moment during a passionate fight, disagreement, or when we have been genuinely wronged.... Continue reading
Today let me deal with the heart of the difficulty of forgiveness. When we extend forgiveness to someone it means we are willing to bear the pain of what others have done. In the first part of Matthew 18: 21... Continue reading
In my previous post (CLICK HERE FOR PART 1) I introduced the topic of forgiveness. Today, the Necessity of Forgiveness. In Matthew 18:21 - 35 the passage begins with these verses. 21 Then Peter came to Him and said, “Lord,... Continue reading
Over a few brief posts, I want to share some preaching and teaching I once did on the topic of “forgiveness.” Neil T. Anderson heavily influenced my thinking on this topic several years ago. It was a liberating experience. However,... Continue reading
At one point today, I thought about watching Father of the Bride. However, there are parts of that movie that aggravate my allergies and make my eyes water, so I didn’t. Our middle child, Lesley, will be married a week... Continue reading
Attractional church! This term is most often used these days to negatively describe churches that use a variety of methods to attract people to attend worship. The alternative term (and seemingly preferred method) is missional church. This church supposedly reaches... Continue reading
This past Sunday I preached on the topic of imitating Christ. It really bugged me last week as I prepared for it. Mainly, it made me think of all my interests and pursuits through the years. Many of those interests... Continue reading
We are going through a JourneyOn Discipleship process in our church. This past Sunday, our study and application time was on the topic of confession. In my preparation time, I was suddenly overcome by the reality of another kind of... Continue reading
Nothing is more frustrating than having decisions to make and coming up with nothing but questions instead of a decision. In fact, the more you try to decide, the more uncertain you become because there is just no clarity. The... Continue reading
Sometimes I have one of those days that is equally gratifying and frustrating at the same time! That was yesterday. Yesterday I was in New Orleans with our Missions Team as we met in a morning strategy session with our... Continue reading
In this modern day of instant communication it is interesting to watch the conversational trends regarding the church. Daily my facebook feed is inundated with blog posts about various “great concerns” in the church. Among these concerns are great and... Continue reading
With the New Year just having started, I’m guessing there are a good many people out there who have resolved to read their Bibles daily this year. Great resolution! I’m also guessing there may be a few folks who have... Continue reading
Over the last few years, I have heard this “words” theology thing! It is pretty simple – be careful what you say or you will become it. Therefore, don’t say, “I’m sick – or you will definitely get sick, or... Continue reading
Christmas traditions are being played out all around us right now. Great music and sounds of Christmas, holiday cheer and gatherings of friends, parades and lights and decorations and adorned trees are all a part of our traditional Christmas. A... Continue reading
Yesterday I was leaving my parent’s home in Columbus. On the western edge of town, I stopped to fill up with gas and was just a little aggravated that I had to pay $2.41 a gallon for fuel. You see,... Continue reading
There are, by some counts, as many as 59 “one another’s” in the scripture. I believe to get to that number some of them are repeated – but that probably just serves to remind of the importance of those particular... Continue reading
Have you ever _____________? This is a reasonable question about so many things? To a heart surgeon, have you ever done open heart surgery? To a mechanic, have you ever fixed a car? To a teacher, have you ever taught... Continue reading
One of the most wonderful events of my life was the thirty-one day sabbatical I just completed in July, thanks to the love and generosity of Agricola Baptist Church. The entire thirty-one days was a restful experience because I had... Continue reading
One day in the give and take of the usual office chatter among our staff, our Worship Pastor was making a point about truth and error regarding how people view other religions. He used the illustration of how government agents... Continue reading
The last few weeks have been interesting to me. I have watched, listened, and read as ministers and other prominent leaders in church ministry have turned into the Christian version of Siskel & Ebert!!! We (Christians) can watch this movie... Continue reading
Our Worship Pastor, Nick Wolfe, has been teaching us the song Jesus, Only Jesus! Tonight I taught on Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain! The song has been stuck in my head... Continue reading
At Agricola Baptist Church we have started walking towards some great challenges for our membership. This year our overarching theme is one word – Consumed! Our desire is to first and foremost be consumed with God. Being consumed with God... Continue reading
This is a test to see if WLW works! Continue reading
Consumed with service! On Sunday, January 12th, my sermon topic is Consumed with Service. The subject will explore the call and anointing of Elisha and the qualifiers for being a faithful servant of our Lord. When I think of faithful... Continue reading
In the past, when we have gone out to celebrate an anniversary, the topic usually comes up with store clerks or waiters / waitresses! I remember a waitress being overwhelmed on our 30th anniversary. She just kept telling us she... Continue reading