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Betsybounds-- Posner's statement is, as Rick points out, absurd. There are two possible errors made by the SwiftVets: (1) During the Silver Star incident, the wounded man Kerry finished off was not a teenager in a loincloth, but an adult in pajamas; (2) It was charged in Unfit for Command that Kerry deserted his crew, which he obviously did. However, the reason he apparently did so is because his fellow commanders apparently urged him to. It's also probable that the mechanism for his desertion was filing paperwork for the third Purple Heart for the "rose scratch" he received in training. Not an error really, but it's difficult to tell whether someone falling off a cliff after a scuffle was pushed or jumped on his own. Critics have disputed the accounts of the first PH incident (the "rose scratch") because another man on board claims Adm. Schacte was not present during the training. This is improbable, though, because Schacte was the inventer of the Boston Whaler sneak attack (the boat on which they were training), and neither of the other men (Kerry or his fellow trainee) were qualified at the time to take a boat out by themselves. It's awfully thin gruel to say sweepingly "discredited." Rick B-- Posner is one of the busiest guys on the planet. My guess is his command of the Swift Vets story is limited to his reading Rood's non-debunking-debunking of the Silver Star story in his hometown Chicago Tribune. Plus, he's writing for the NYT. He has to put some crowd-pleasers in there.
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