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I think you need to have both attributes, you need to be a Leader with the vision, the dream about getting to that place where it's going to be better and a Manager you teach how to get there, you manage you first. Lastly you need to duplicate yourself and that is the greatest legacy.
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Hi Adam, In agreement with you, two days ago I was searching to buy a 46' LED LCD TV, we checked on line and found out had a set and was the lowest price, then yesterday we visited the store but the people there didnot have a clue about the model and did not even want to try to help...that immediately created fear, Walmart had the lowest price but my gut feeling kept telling me "do not buy it yet". Late in the afternoon we looked again and found the same model at the same price guess where? At -- here is where magic happens. We did not think twice or even had a minor gut checking feeling - we placed the order for $799 including free shipping. We trust in terms of service, if something goes wrong, would take care immediately, they even have the ability to call you so you do not even need to wait on the phone. This is the difference, this where the "stuff" happens, is writing history books about great service experiences!
I have a BlackBerry but I am 1000% committed to making sure I NEVER buy a Blackberry again, the only legacy business is either by giving away the cellphones (2 yr carrier contract) and the corporate accounts that are holding their employees to use BlackBerry devices, however change is here, it happened at my company, effective April 1st we now could use Iphone and Droid Devices. By the way - I am not the only one, my whole family is running away frmo BB and most of my corworkers, I foresee the same happening accross the full spectrum of people...everybody wants an innovative product (Iphone and Droid). I would sell Blackberry's stock Now! The wave is coming and will hit hard.
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Dec 12, 2009