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Juani Quinones
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I have coffee made for me! This is where I get my "cuban card" lifted... I do NOT make the coffee, and my family is happy with this. I do not have the knack to make it, and if it was up to me, none would be made. The few, who have had the "pleasure" to drink coffee that I have made, agree that I should not make it. When I went to college, my mother's greatest goals for me ("after getting your education, of course") was for me to learn to drink coffee and to play bridge (OR canasta). After 4 years of a very expensive, exclusive education, I had my degree but had become a tea drinker and could barely hold a deck of cards. Fast forward: I get married to "an americano" who loves coffee. He does the coffee and brings me a cup daily. I am happy to report that our daughter has the cuban coffee genes. She makes an excellent cafe cubano, expressos, lattes, you name it! She could become a barrista if need be. Before going to college, she graciously made me "cafe con leche" or a cafecito! So, I have the best of all worlds: a wonderful husband and fabulous daughter who make great "cafe" and share it with me!
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Sep 30, 2011