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I cant download these episode episode. I've heard it on the web but i cant get itunes to download it. Also, chapter 28 is still missing from the itunes library. These was a great episode, a very good and needed review of the extend and resources of the empire. Thanks a lot. Also, you always talk about Egypt been the bread basket of the empire, also i have heard of the revolts that took great strength from the resources of Egypt during the 3th century. So how did these work?? because there is no way that Egypt could be considered anyone's bread basket now a days. What happened there??
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2010 on 89- Provincial Matters at The History of Rome
I was listening to the episodes on Julius Cesar again these weak and couldn't help but noticing a problem when he was going to stand for trial the moment he became a private citizen. At these time thought be was still Pontifex Maximus, these appointment was supposed to be for life, right?? If a every public office in the empire was sacrosanct, how come that his enemies could just set him for trial while he was still Pontifex Maximus?? Or was these office and other priesthoods not sacrosanct like the others??
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on 100th Episode Question Thread at The History of Rome
Hey, I know someone already asked you these and i also know that you have already answered but it's been a while and you can't really blame us for hopping for you to have a chance of heart. Is there any chance you would continue the history of the roman empire to the fall of Constantinople?? It's a really interesting story to tell plus ending with Romulus Augustus is really disheartening, that is no way to end a great story. Ending with Constantin XI is much better, plus the years of byzantine history are of great importance to understand the middle ages and the evolution of the Renaissance. I know its a lot to ask but hey if you need further motivation to keep these thing going you can always get more sponsors. Im sure that none of us would mind hearing 2 or 3 ads if it means keeping these great podcast on the air.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on 100th Episode Question Thread at The History of Rome
Nice episode. Just when i was beginning to get annoyed by the unanswered questions about roman life on the daily basis. Thanks a lot, its a great show, beats television ten times haha. It really makes my day. It's funny that you mention episode 28 in these episode because it is still missing from the itunes library. That one is important.Also, is there any way to make the episodes appear orderly in the library, it's a real rollercouster in there.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on 86- Wealth and Class at The History of Rome
Missing Chapter 28- Taking Stock
I love these. These is definitely one of the better podcast out there. I'm serious, i can't tell anymore how many times I've heard the hole series. I really like your job and your story telling stile. Awesome stuff. Thanks a lot for posting the firsts episodes, it's really an upgrade from those compact versions you had before. I tried to separate them using some audio applications, but the output file was of really creepy quality. So thanks a lot. One more thing, could you re-post the 28 episodes from 58 to 84?? These so that the episodes will appear in order in iTunes, because that gab there is really annoying when you are trying to hear the hole thing in one run. Thanks for everything. Your show is the greatest, keep it up.
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Feb 28, 2010