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Central Coast, California, USA
Judge others by the quality of their character, but not by appearance.
Interests: Moral authority, judgment, wisdom, knowledge, humor, happiness, policy, current events
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Narrative Part II What is the narrative? NAR·RA·TIVE    [nar-uh-tiv] Show IPA noun 1. a story or account of events, experiences, orthe like, whether true or fictitious. 2. a book, literary work, etc., containing such astory. 3. the art, technique, or process of narrating:Somerset Maugham was a master of narrative.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2012 at JudgeRight
From the earliest days of the cold war with the U.S.S.R. the K.G.B. (their spy agency) were planting dissidents in our midst at key points to influence our culture and advance communist ideals in our society. They weren't the first communist influence on U.S. soil but they were the more strategic effort. These plants managed to initiate and inflate the present communist counter culture in our entertainment and education industries as well as labor and crime syndicates. Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2012 at JudgeRight
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Posted Jan 31, 2012 at JudgeRight
I like sex. I want sex. However, I haven't seen too many examples of really content and happy marriages. I know most married people say they like being married and they wouldn't change anything if they had it to do over, but I also see more discontent in their lives than I'm willing to live with. Therefor, I have chosen not to seek marriage. WOW! Do I ever want sex. Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2012 at JudgeRight
In the circumstance of arguing with a fool, if one is not able to be authoritative, he appears as foolish as the fool. However, if he is able to be authoritative, whatever remains of the fool's good reputation is destroyed by his own mouth in comparison to the authority of truth. Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2012 at JudgeRight
I'm finding it more and more difficult to write these articles since box closed. All the comments I received over there spurred me on. I so appreciate your comment.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2011 on Consequential Knowledge 2 at JudgeRight
So I was considering my options for blogging remotely and decided the first place to look was the AppStore. I hunted for one when I first acquired my iPad but there weren't any. Having been off the job for quite a while now, I checked again and found TypePad had... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2011 at JudgeRight
Answering any attack in self concern is immediately recognizable as a failure in agapeo. This love is demonstrable via 'other' concern instead of self concern. When you love someone, the first person you must protect them from is you. Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2011 at JudgeRight
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Sep 28, 2011
Some time ago I wrote a piece to challenge a blog neighbor's unjustified reliance on expert opinion and centralized social engineering. Today I want to revisit the term that titled that post. If the people are unwilling or unable to learn history and keep up on current events then the culture is doomed to repeat history's mistakes. Thomas Sowell coined the term 'Consequential Knowledge' and defines it; knowledge by virtue of it's presence or absence has serious consequences. Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2011 at JudgeRight
Don't lose your way. Don't forget from whence you come. Don't shrink from the challenge of our time. Don't allow attackers to shame your heritage. Know your way, know your history, know your times, know your heritage. When you've acquired the status of 'grass roots movement' or 'relevant voice' in... Continue reading
Posted Sep 8, 2011 at JudgeRight
Lexann; I've recently found evidence even Ayn Rand expects everyone to project morality onto everyone. She wrote a chapter about moral judgment and the absolute requirement to pronounce your judgments. The law of the land is indeed a set of moral standards enforced by society on the individual ultimately but enforced by society's representative on the whole society. This is why government is by the consent of the governed. Dealing with real evil in each and every heart, we have to enforce enough standards to coexist and leave the non-essentials to the marketplace of ideas. When God handed down the laws to Moses for the Israeli's, were they not a moral legislation? We based our United States laws on this basic legislation from the beginning. Many Libertarian principals are good, many are selfish amorality. I'm setting about educating the Libertarian party of its need for self discipline and submission to some higher ideal than itself. Even if that is limited to the God of the founders as stated in the federalist papers. You don't have to worship Him as I know Him, but you absolutely must promote His values and His wisdom universally to the youth and to the populace. At some point all open societies are going to have to deal with foreign religious principals at existential odds with those values we built our culture and society on. Satan worship and Islamo-Nazism cannot coexist peacefully with this legislated morality.
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Aug 13, 2011
Recently I posted an article highly critical of expert advice. I thought it might be beneficial to my readers to explain how I spot credible experts. Understand, I am not reviewing venues of information, I am reviewing people I esteem to be wise. These people can teach me how to evaluate data and draw the most profitable conclusions from the raw data. My filters are simple and easy to employ, with two caveats. We are dependent on experts in so many ways because nobody can be expert on more than a few topics and few of us are truly expert on even one, never mind every topic of import. If we are ever to discern truth from the myriad of views on so many topics of such great import, we must first discern who is able to draw wisdom from the available data. It isn't that the data is not available as much as it is that the agenda and prejudice of our advisors prevents even licensed, proclaimed, paid, esteemed experts from discerning what the data means and therefor what course we should chart through life. Continue reading
Posted Aug 4, 2011 at JudgeRight
“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap”, Napoleon Bonaparte “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”, Mark Twain Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2011 at JudgeRight
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Mar 16, 2011
This is JudgeRight; RobinZ: In other words, you are content to live in ignorance and have no interest in investigating what is truth even if it means failing to live to your potential and spending eternity in exile from the only Source of life.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2011 on God Made Me This Way at JudgeRight
Android tab. Now, want to know what ain't available that I most want? A rugged Android Tab. That is, a tablet as functional as this new Moto Xoom but ready for war or my work environment (outdoors, in the weather, all the time) Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2011 at JudgeRight
Wow, this conversation deteriorated into an implosion. Not encouraging for the fresh sign up or the SAY Media staff. Whiners managed to shoot down the widget gallery when they were not limited to the widget gallery's offerings, and now whiners are killing the entire TypePad platform. Popularity matters in the blog host world. It spells the difference between stability and VOXation. That was an experience I'm not willing to duplicate. I was sittin' over there at Yahoo considering them as my blog host due to their simplicity. Ah, but having tried to sign up and failing, try contacting ANYONE!!! at Yahoo about any problem you're having. That spelled the end of Yahoo and Google as blog hosts as far as I'm concerned. If you find an email address to complain to, it may as well be [email protected] or [email protected] Now what? Back to WordPress with it's horrendous lag issue? Bah! Who hosts Littlegreenfootballs or Atlasshrugs?
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Perspective is aided by comparisons. When you see the Grand Canyon on TV most of the perspective is lost. When you see the Grand Canyon in person or when you superimpose a scaled image of the local sports arena over a scaled image of the Grand Canyon, perspective is restored.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2011 at JudgeRight
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Feb 15, 2011
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Sep 29, 2010
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Sep 20, 2010
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Sep 20, 2010
What a fine mess VOX has made of things. Everyone knew where to find me and now we've got to start all over again.
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