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Dear Jesus, I'm sorry that I'm not good at praying, But I ask you to give me the words to pray for this boy who hurt his hand and that you will heal it. I also pray that he will love you with everything he's got. I really need alot of prayer at this time. I have been going through major depression, I'm taking Med. I'm seeing a christian therapist, but the past few months I have become worse. I have a 17 year old daughter who has not been making the right choices, I have been so lost and I don't know how to get back. a long time ago when I was a kid I had the closest relationship with God. He was my best friend. Then something real bad happened to me that I had no control over by a family member. He got me pregant. I ran away when my mom found me she and her ex-husband punished me terribly. my mom made me get an abortion which I did not believe in. when the church I belonged to found out made me face all the high priesthood and told me that because of what I did God will never forgive me or love me again and I was excommuticated. I believed them and I felt my heartwas broken in many pieces. My life before that was very bad, but I knew I had God on my side, but not anymore. I haven't been able to move forward. I still have alot of problems I keep seeking for my moms love and exceptence. I feel lost and empty. I feel its my fault that my daughter is making bad choices plus my mom reminds me of that all the time. I have no hope, I get scared of my thoughts of not wanting to live anymore. I feel thats the only way my pain will go away. Luckly my theripist works real hard with me. If it wasn't for her prayers I wouldn't be here today. I'm sorry for making this so long, I could keep going but I would probably run out of space. So I ask for anyone who wants to pray for me and my daughter Amber I would be very greatful. Thank you very much for allowing me to make this request. Its not very often I would ask. May God bless you all.
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Apr 29, 2010