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Judith Poole
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Jan 26, 2012
Yvonne, I very much enjoyed your article, as I too teach Eden Energy Medicine integrated with my t'ai chi classes. Since I started incorporating some of the basic balancing exercises I find that people learn the t'ai chi form with much less effort.
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Ande, Lyn Milum's article describes the Ancient Memories process in much more detail, and it is similar though not the same as the Injury Recall Technique applied kinesiology process found on youtube by following the link.
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I believe you, of course, Kelmie, but have no recall. I do remember it being presented in the review class, and none of us claiming to be familiar with it. But it's not surprising. I've had the opposite experience as well, when I remember learning something that had particular significance for me, but others present at the class having no recollection. This aspect of mind and memory holds my fascination!
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Sorry, I meant Christina.
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Christine, great description of allowing the radiant energies in! I think many of us hold that frozen triple warmer experience in common, and maybe it is what draws us to Donna's work.
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Great story, Jyoti, well told
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May 27, 2011