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Judith Weingarten
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Jennifer Matthews may well have been stupid but the link says she had been at Khost for two months. Was she truly responsible for nurturing this double agent? And did she or his handler allow him to pass the gate unsearched?
_From: A New Weblog Announces Itself_ “Joyful Latin Learning” is the theme of “Tres Columnae” (our working title), which aims to be everyone’s home on the Web for (you guessed it!) Joyful Latin Learning. In fact, we aim to build... Continue reading
Posted Jan 3, 2010 at Blogographos
Thanks for posting such a good photograph. Now that I can see the lions (or are they panthers?) drinking from the vase at the very bottom centre, I am reminded of the famous panther-handled marble vase found at Petra: Petra"Lost City of Stone. I would not be surprised if the image originated somewhere far to the east, however; perhaps Persia? Do you happen to know more about it? Judith Visit Zenobia's blog Empress of the East
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Graham's Clytemnestra was the first ballet of any kind that I had ever seen (if you don't count Esther Williams or the Rockettes) and it set me on a life-long love of contemporary dance. [Maybe it set the stage, too, for my future in archaeology; who knows?] I still remember the tremendous passion you describe. Thanks for bringing it all back so vividly. Please visit Zenobia's blog at Empress of the East