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Judy-Lynne Peters
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No one's ever sent me flowers, although on two occasions in my life I've been given flowers by complete strangers. Both men said they wanted to see me smile. The best arrangement I ever received came from a former student who showed up at my office with a bouquet of peonies to celebrate my Ph.D. They were completely unexpected and they made me smile for days. I try to return the favor by occasionally buying flowers for friends and acquaintances.
I've never done anything for the applause. I never look for it and am usually surprised when it comes. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum, so I've never allowed others to influence my agenda. All of my achievements were accomplished for either my own benefit or for the benefit of others, not for glory that may have accompanied them.
When my son was young I made it a family tradition to place flowers at the Viet Nam War Memorial each Memorial Day.
I occasionally bring flowers to my office and give them to the department secretaries and assistants just to make them smile. I don't keep flowers in my apartment (not good cat food) so when i see pretty flowers I'll buy them on a whim and take them to the office. JL
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Jun 12, 2010