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Hello David Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply. It was actually the content of the only other comment published (Wow! What a lot of people... etc.) that encouraged me to respond. The point was made that the huge crowds of people attending the Tea Party mass rally shouldnt be criticised for at least getting engaged in political action is one that could just as easily have been made 80 years ago in Germany. That remark in my view begs at least a cursory analysis in a historical and global context, where there are plenty of examples of upstart political movements riding to power on back of popular appeal. Whether instigated by ayatollahs or secular leaders, they all call to patriots, are rooted in extremism, use censorship to advance their cause and, as a final response, often resort to war. On the basis of your email one might be forgiven for concluding that the main criterion for accepting comments on your blog isnt so much a case of adding to substance to the discussion as endorsing the bias of the author. Kind regards Judy Yacoub Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange
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Sep 2, 2010