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Dhimmitude intensifies.
Jog Mack. :( Are you really gonna take that? WHAT'S THIS WORLD COMIN TO
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2014 on The Blood of Anime at The Factual Opinion
As this podcast's worst fan, I have to say I was expecting more arguing. Or I would say "you even agreed with each other that they should've used different lighting on the exteriors." But that's a Todd Barry reference, and for what? I don't even know. :( PS I do agree, if Shane Black did a Punisher movie that would be pretty awesome. Except it wouldn't be very Punishery I think, it would be a quippy sort of Punisher, unless he got some quirky sidekick. What would the Punisher do if he were written by Shane Black? Shoot everyone and then smoke some cigarettes. Wait I know how it could work. Shane Black Punisher movie, where Punisher is forced to team up with Spiderman. At the end, Punisher kills Spiderman. Just call the movie "What If?" Give Stan Lee like 8 cameos in it.
Toggle Commented Feb 28, 2014 on Superman Is Totally The Worst at The Factual Opinion
Has Person of Interest strayed too far from its baby-torturing roots? Find out on this week's episode of Travis Bickle on the Etc but the answer is yes.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2013 on Fair Enough. at The Factual Opinion
I don't know how yous guys can't like Punisher War Zone when it's a perfect movie representation of the Garth Ennis Punisher Max comics. It's this generation's Robocop. SIR I AM OFFENDED
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2013 on The Longest of Mires at The Factual Opinion
It's probably because I'm drunk, but I think this is one of the best episodes yet. I could say a bunch about comics and the internet and webcomic this and internet that. I know I need to tell a friend about the story of the guy (he will be known simply as THE GUY) who writes only on an old Dell laptop with the internet hole glued in. As far as criticism on the internet, and comic artists having to face it, I think it's a necessity. Not to their skill in creating comics, but in their ability to function as human beings. Hardening one's heart to any type of criticism is important to any artistic creator of any form, if they make comics or paintings or scribbles or articles. If they can't handle someone on the internet saying YOU SUCK then they're not going to hack it at anything. It doesn't matter if they're right or wrong or orange or purple, they have to be able to learn how to take it, no matter what it is. If they can't, they either don't have the conviction to hack it, or maybe they're really wrong. Or maybe they're not wrong but they are confident enough in what they say, in that case they need to look within and blah blah, so even if they are right, or maybe even wrong, or even if they have an opinion that is a shiv to the ribs of half the populace, they have to learn to stand behind it. They have to be gracefully wrong, if they're willing to go out and be wrong. Or they have to at least be willing. Perhaps they have to be willing to rethink what they just said, and if they stand behind it then they have to have that strength, or if they have to reject it and start over, they have to have that even greater strength. And anyone who makes a comic that says anything personal needs to be able to do that too, if they want to make anything that's any good. But I could just be babbling. My post sounds like a lot of platitudinous bullshit, but I'm serious about at least 70% of it. I've made shitty dumb awful comics, intentionally and unintentionally. Sometimes I've been sincere about them, which is painful when you make something sincere and it ends up being fucking stupid ass godawful unreadable bullshit, which makes me understand why any comic writer would avoid trying to be too serious or sincere about anything ever. Also I hear you guys mention Kramer's Ergot a bunch but I've never seen it at any comic store (one comic store) I've been to, and I don't think it's on comixology, so I don't think I have any chance to read it.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2013 on Paging The Script Wizards at The Factual Opinion
You're not blind, it is simply here.
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