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Chip, I completely agree with all of your points here. Thanks for writing this.
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Thanks for the shout out Jason, and for being early to understand what Daily Grommet is doing. Much appreciated.
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OK, just lost my long (thoughtful--IMHO) comment because I wrote it before logging in via Twitter. I guess that will have to stand as my real-time reaction to your post. I just don't have time to recreate the comment!
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Hi Anil, Dale kindly invited me to speak at Maker Faire this past weekend, and also at the inaugural Detroit event in July. I attended with the co-founder of my company and I liked what she said, "There were parts of Maker Faire that were a little weird, but all parts were totally wonderful." It's that collision of the geeks with the average Joe families that make it all work on that unusual dual level. I agree with commenter Plainsight who recognized the hybrid going on in the activism. Just as social technologies have totally enabled Citizen Journalism, Makers and their supporters are creating the next revolution, which I call Citizen Commerce. Anita Roddick used to talk about helping people recognize the power of their purchases. I.e. the fact that when you buy something you are endorsing that company. It is like a vote. At 65% of our economy, those purchases can totally reshape our world. We just have to grab the Making, Sharing, and Buying and act on our values. Those values are changing for the good and I really believe what you wrote--that today's Makers are creating tomorrows jobs.
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Thanks for the props Chris! Here's another interesting development in the Grommet-world. We find people really remember the Grommets we feature and they come back days (and months) later to our site to buy them. So we keep sending a very steady stream of orders to the Grommet creators. We have a "Favorites" feature and that is a recent help to those of us who might not have such great memories. :)
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