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Great Post. As you say, this is a major issue and awareness about this must be raised, and we must address the fact that no cure or treatment yet found, so what are we going to do? There is a new documentary film out that we just saw on DVD that address part of the question -- and how the arts are helping these people and their caregivers. The film is called "I Remember Better When I Paint".
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2010 on Alzheimer's Awareness at The Freckled Diaries
This is a really interesting article, had not heard of Dr. Schiffer before. We need to be coached as we age to better age, so these tips for those of us in our 40s this info is especially useful - thank you - is has been a challenge to find such comprehensive information. For those of us helping family members to better cope with Alzheimer's I can recommend a DVD we watched "Remember Better When I Paint", it provides inspiration of how creative activities help, and attitudes as well. You can see a preview on youtube here
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Feb 26, 2010
This is a wonderful post. You describe well what it's like to have a grandma with Alzheimer's. Our grandma also struggled with the disease, and I wish we had known more about how to better help her. There is a new documentary about how the creative arts are helping Alzheimer's patients with positive results. We read about it in this article on the Alzheimer's reading room and then saw the DVD. There is a preview clip in the article:
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Feb 26, 2010