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1. What do we have in common? Infertility? Motherhood? Being gorgeous and divine? All of the above? We're both females, and gorgeous and divine ones at that. However, I am beginning my career (just finished my masters degree) and I don’t think I’ll be ready for motherhood for some time (although I do want kids eventually). 2. How did you find me? An ad on Pygmalion’s Wife. The small picture of your masthead in the ad caught my eye. I immediately thought to myself, “Hmmm, is she in Africa?” 3. Do you comment? If yes, thanks! If no, how come you don’t? No comments yet; I just found you! Give me time… 4. What aspects of my blog (if any) do you enjoy? The design is really spiffy (love that masthead!). Also, I like reading the blogs of professional women who also have young families because that’s the route I eventually want to go down. I’m currently 23 and focused almost exclusively on my career (I do have this completely divine boyfriend who takes up quite a bit of my time, too), but I’ve recently gotten very big on planning for “the future”. 5. What do you wish our conversations were more about? I’d like to hear more about what it’s like to live in Africa. I’ve always wanted to visit, but the political/social upheaval in many of the countries is a big turn-off, especially for a prospective female visitor. My boyfriend and I are already thinking of coming to S. Africa for the next World Cup, so I’d like to know if we can make it out alive if we do visit. 6. What do you wish I would shut up about? Nothing yet. You seem pretty cool. 7. I am fascinated by all the different places we are from. Where are you from? New York State (the part northwest of New York City…most people think New York city IS the entire state). BTW, 8. Lastly, any tips, suggestions, adorations or pieces of assvice? Keep doing what you do.
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