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Would be better if people would think a bit before they criticize. We need to find more ways to give each other some grace, support and overall shift to more positive forms of energy. Your post brings up many issues. There is no denying that the Japanese people have suffered horrifying losses today. Families will be forever scarred and changed with many months, years or even decades needed to rebuild. We have to hope the nuclear plant affected does not cause even more damage to the area and globally (via winds). We cannot change what did happen today. We can change how we react to the disaster. Being empathetic, supportive and engaging ourselves, families and communities to reach out is our opportunity to help. Being empathetic has to extend to others not directly involved - in all ways. Many people will do what they can to help. But helping still means we need to keep our own lives moving forward or we all suffer just a bit more. And that's not purposeful. I'd watched CNN and other stations to see what had happened this morning. Then tweeted and did what I could to offer e-resources for others. I don't turn on my TV usually until after 6 p.m. Often I don't log onto social media networks until later in the afternoon, so it was only because I checked the weather today that I found out at all. This is the case for many. The person making the critical comments could not emotionally cope with their own upset and 'transferred' their upset beyond themselves - a kind of 'venting.' Their venting should not have landed on you. That's wrong...simply wrong. It's too bad this is what happened to you. These kinds of natural disasters need us to stay balanced and centered so we can send out calming, healing energy and thoughts to others. Being freaked out, blaming kind of energy never helped anyone anywhere anyhow. Those who are 'called' to get involved will. After a few hours of watching CNN, I'd gathered all the info I could. I twittered info that I'd hoped could help someone somewhere. I'll continue to help wherever I can. But I also have a responsibility to keep doing what I need to do. I also completely get why you say there are so many things going on in the world that are travesties or horrific. Hunger in our own communities and homelessness are huge issues that did not get covered this morning on CNN. We need to help out as best we can in our part of the world as well as beyond our shores. After the few hours of watching the events replayed - as is the case when there's only limited footage - I stopped and did what any foodie does to ground their energy: I tuned in to The Food Network. That way, I could get get my vibe into the place where I could resume being productive, write again. I'll readdress what's happened in Japan soon enough. Sitting here freaked out doesn't do me or anyone in Japan any favors. I'd rather stay in the vibe that will help the survivors - on some subtle, yet deep level of awareness. Our Japanese con freres and con soeurs (tr. brothers and sisters) need to think clearly so they can be resourceful, and begin to sort through the damage and human impacts so they can do what they have to do to survive. Their sadness and tragedy is ours too, but we can help them more by being encouraging of them and not critical of each other. Thanks, Ruth. I'll be sure to retweet your post.
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Mar 11, 2011