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Julia Brennan
Sharing a slice of my life in Chile
Interests: running, reading, cooking, coffee, cats, langauges
Recent Activity
When I first arrived here, I was told by my program directors that it would be best if you kept politics and religion off the table. This meant that you should not talk about either of these topics with your host family if you want to get along with them.... Continue reading
Before I left for Chile, my mom told me that no one will wear sweatshirts in Chile and that I am going to lose a lot of weight because they eat really healthy here. With this in mind I scarfed down as much pizza, bagels, and mac n cheese as... Continue reading
In the time since my last post, I have danced cueca for a grade, traveled to Santiago alone, celebrated the most important holiday here in Chile, and much more. The cueca is the national dance here in Chile. For my colegio everyone has to learn how to dance it in... Continue reading
The past seven weeks my world has opened and revealed so many things that I never could have imagined in the years of waiting to study abroad. Since my first year in high school I have known I wanted to study abroad. When my dreams became a reality I really... Continue reading
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Aug 25, 2016