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Juliana Bibas
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We just put our two boys together in a room (15 months and 3.5 years) in anticipation of another baby in less than a month, and I have to say, the sleep thing has been hell. We've never allowed co sleeping in any form, and both boys do sleep through the night for the most part, but the transitions on either end have been really tough. My older son (a terrible sleeper from day one) has a hard time winding down and spends about an hour shouting, running around, laughing maniacally, screaming, and generally making a ruckus before he sacks out. My younger son (the awesome sleeper from the get-go) is great about putting himself to sleep in a quiet room with a bottle, but needs a quiet dark room to do so. Put those two things together and you have two kids who are awake for hours beyond their normal bedtimes. Oh, and the 15 month old still wakes up before 6:00 (sometimes 4) for a bottle, and often wakes his brother (who wouldn't wake up normally until 7) at the same time. So we are tired around here. I'm hoping the novelty wears off soon. We have had some luck with staggering their bedtimes, but given their relative ages, it is hard to be sure that the younger one is totally asleep before the older one goes to bed without pushing the older one's bed time ridiculously late or the younger one's bedtime ridiculously early! (Which then makes the morning that much earlier). Argh. And we can add a nursing newborn to the mix in a few weeks. But hopefully you'll have a bit longer to work the kinks out!!
Cute! We actually have the same issue around our house, but my solution was Crocs. Love them because you can wash them in the machine, clean them up with croc butter, and my toddler has been able to get them on and off all by himself since late last summer when we bought them in desperation after his old ones broke and stunk to high heaven! They fit his pork-chop toddler feet very well, and look great for every day and for church. And the price is nice. :) My husband was resistant initially (hence the broken smelly sandals), but after realizing the potential of crocs, he is a convert (at least for our sons, not himself, although oddly he borrows my croc houseshoes all the time to run around in)
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Jul 7, 2011