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Hey Antony, I've always wondered how work out which votes are surplus and which votes have already been counted? Ie. If 5 votes is a quota and party A gets 6 votes, how they work out which 1 of those 6 votes gets flow to the next party? (They may have different second preferences) Do they count all the preferences and apportion then or is it first in time or another method? Isn't this a bigger issue this election? COMMENT: The only change to the Senate is to do with the ballot paper, the voting options, and how preferences are imputed. The counting system will be exactly the same as at every election since 1984. If a candidate has surplus to quota votes, all ballot papers have their preferences distributed in proportion to the size of the surplus. So if there are 6 votes and the quota is 5, the surplus is one and the ballot papers are distributed at a reduced value of 1/6 = 0.1666
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Jun 2, 2016