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I'm coming at this from a book background, but... If you're doing a small run of DVDs, design the inlay with some nice blank space (inside or out), and get the star and/or director to sign them. All of them, in the warehouse, before they go out to shops. Maybe make it a numbered edition while you're at it. People want to make a human connection with the creators of the work, and they like signed copies. Hell, I like signed copies... My last novel came out in paperback, but we also did a run of 1000 hardbacks. I spent a couple of hours in the warehouse with a couple of lovely middle-aged ladies telling me rude jokes and helping me (opening the books to the right page, taking them away), and I signed the whole run. And we sold them all. (Hardbacks aren't supposed to sell these days, for indie novels). Digital is the future, sure, but while you're still selling physical objects (like DVDs) try to make them unique, and physically connected to the makers in some way... Use their physicality, the fact that they're not a digitally identical copy. Handprinted graphics on unusual paper are good too (woodcut, linocut), make your DVD stand out as proudly indie, hand crafted. Has to be a good, strong design, though, to work. A band here in Berlin brought out a CD between two blocks of wood, and hand-branded the name on the wood, on every album, with a branding iron. Nice... Good piece, by the way, enjoyed it.
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Feb 4, 2010