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Ralph, No, that's not all! I can only assume that your home WiFi (and / or broadband) is not up to the job, because my experience has been very different, and I LOVE my Chromecast. I buy / rent movies and TV shows from Google Play, and casting them to the big screen from my phone / tablet works brilliantly. I also use Google Play Music All Access, and casting from my phone / tablet to my HiFi system is a great way of controlling my music. Yes, I know there are innumerable ways of buying / renting music and video content on-line, but at $35, Chromecast is hard to beat, as long as your broadband and WiFi are up to the job.(And it also works with all of my family and friends' phones too, so that we can watch their content as well.) There are several apps that can cast audio, video and image content from your device, or from anywhere on your home network, to your Chromecast - RealPlayer and Avia are two that are worth a look, but there are several others. It's such a breeze to use Avia on my tablet to browse all of the computers on our home network, find some content, and cast it to the TV - works SOOOOO much better than my Sony "Smart TV's" native interface. The latest "killer app" for me is that I have enrolled in a couple, of Coursera college / university courses, for which the lectures are available as streaming video. I play the videos on my Samsung Chromebook (which is a very low-cost / low-specced host device), and cast to my Chromecast to watch on my 55" screen. The video lags by about 1/2 second from what I am seeing on my Chromebook screen, but the video quality is good and stutter-free, and the audio is perfectly synched.
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Jul 2, 2012