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Julia Wolf
Silicon Valley
I sawed the legs off the periodic table.
Interests: 0day, abstract algebra, all nighters, amiga, anomaly detection, aphex twin, artificial life, ascii art, astronomy, atheism, bbs, burning man, cellular automata, chaitin's constant, chaos theory, claude shannon, commodore 64, computer security, cray, cryptography, cypherpunks, dead can dance, defcon, doctor who, donald knuth, emulators, entscheidungsproblem, error correction codes, escher, faustus, feigenbaum constant, fight club, flatland, foxes, fractals, front 242, gaelic, galois fields, gnosticism, goa, group algebra, h. p. lovecraft, hammered dulcimer, hash functions, heap overflows, holographic principle, ia32, ida pro, immanentizing the eschaton, impossible problems, information theory, interconnectedness, interruption of flow control, invader zim, kate bush, kolmogorov complexity, kurt gödel, lisa gerrard, long hair, loop quantum gravity, lucid dreams, macrophotography, martin gardner, mathematics, md5, metasyntactic variables, mmx, moonlight, nerv, nethack, nikon, non-roman alphabets, not sleeping, not watching television, number theory, orbital, overwriting pointers, paul erdös, photography, pi the movie, places that don't exist, psychedelic shamanism, psytrance, quadratic fields, quatrature amplitude modulation, retrocomputing, reverse engineering, rootkit, russell's paradox, s3m, second order predicate calculus, self-reference, self-similarity, shellcode, sherlock holmes, shin seiki evangelion, skepticism, skinny puppy, slackware, sleep deprivation, sluggy freelance, smashing the stack, staying up all night, stimulants, string format bugs, techno, text files, truth, typography, unpublished research, van eck phreaking, vax, vector processors, vegan, viruses, vt100, wikipedia, wolves, writing exploits, x86 assembly, xochipilli, zermelo-fraenkel set theory
Recent Activity
A follow-up to my [Julia's] talk at the 27th Chaos Computer Congress: "OMG-WTF-PDF" Corrections, updates, and reactions. Continue reading
The common DownloadURLToFileA(some EXE file) and WinExec(it) shellcode in use today hasn't changed much in eight years. (Probably because everyone just copies the code out of Metasploit for their exploits.) This is a byte by byte analysis of that shellcode. Continue reading
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Aug 4, 2010